Part of USS Heracles: Echo’s of Echoes

Angelikós – Part One

Location: Gamma Quadrant - Angelikós Planetside
Stardate: 74557.93 Time: 0410 hours
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Stardate: 74557.93


Time: 0410 hours


Location: Gamma Quadrant – Angelikós




As both Vausees and Debrah stood on a transporter pad, their bodies having fully rematerialized from the data stream that they had just moments ago been in, they looked about and suddenly realized that they were in an underground chamber or what appeared to be an underground chamber. Suddenly the door nearest to them opened; to the sound of steel on stone. Their attention was drawn toward the sound as someone wearing a white leather jacket on top of white robes entered the room that they were in. Their face was hidden behind shadows inside of a cowl as they approached Vausees and Debrah. 


As they came to a halt in front of the two women they reached up and lowered the cowl and a strong face could be seen as they looked up at them. Vausees then realized that this person had masculine features on his face. 


In a deep demonic voice the man spoke to them, “Please, follow me.”


Vausees nodded and followed the man, with Debrah in tow, as he turned about and headed back toward the door that he had moments ago opened. As they left the room the scenery changed from what they had perceived as an underground chamber to a bright greenish blue sky. Turning her head back toward where they had just been it was then that Vausees realized that they had been inside of a circular pyramid; its peak pointed toward the skies above them, but had the appearance that it could move along the rounded base below it.


—a few moments later—


Vausees looked at Debrah as they sat silently in an antechamber as they waited for their host to appear, Thý’ella.


As if they had called for her, their host appeared as the door opened and Thý’ella walked in. She looked at the two women and then moved over to an open window. Placing her hands on the side of the windowsill she looked out on the vastness of this city; only one of a few cities on this side of the planet.


Closing her eyes she spoke, “Vausees, I know that you think that I betrayed you, but that is far from the truth,” she said as she turned around and looked at her with shimmering white eyes. “I…no my.” Vausees cut her off as she lifted a hand to her.


“I know who or rather what you are,” Vausees said as she looked at Thý’ella, coldness emanates from her eyes as she looked. “You and your people are Tkon, or rather are descendants of that ancient race.”


The shocked look in Thý’ella’s eyes confirmed what Vausees had suspected after that analyst of the residual energy residue on the Romulan warship that she and her crew, along with Thý’ella had encountered almost a month ago. Thý’ella opened her mouth to speak but no words came forth as she tried. 


Vausees glared as she stood up and moved over to the woman, Debrah could not believe what she had just witnessed or heard.


Stumbling on her words Thý’ella confirmed what Vausees had already stated. Debrah stood up and moved over next to them, “You mean to tell me that you are Tkon?”


Thý’ella shook her head, “No, well not directly,” she stated as she leaned back against the window. “I and my people, as your Captain has stated, are descendants of the Tkon.”


Vausees turned to Debrah, “Commander, step outside,” she ordered.


Debrah looked at her and opened her mouth to object but saw the look in her lover’s eyes and nodded. She moved away from the two women and headed for the door as it slid to the side and opened for her.


Now that Vausees and Thý’ella were alone, Vausees turned and looked at the woman, “Tell me why you did what you did, Thý’ella?” She demanded as she looked into the shimmering white eyes of the woman. 


Thý’ella lowered her eyes, “I had no idea where it was located, this much you already know,” she stated as she lifted her eyes to look into the angry ones of Vausees. “I did however know how to activate the beacon, as it was entrusted to my people and our leadership.”


Vausees wasn’t entirely sure about her explanation and stood her ground as she waited for Thý’ella to continue.


Thý’ella explained how she had been tasked with finding a way to reline the beacon as the leadership had received a message from an unknown person and location about the beacon becoming unstable. Thý’ella then continued how she was fortunate enough to have Vausees and her ship suddenly appear in her part of space and after scanning the ship realized that she now had a way to power the beacon.

Vausees took a seat as she realized that Thý’ella had done what was necessary to ensure that her people and her part of the quadrant were safe and secured, for now. She sat there in shock but mostly astounded at how Thý’ella and herself were more alike; she had been given orders from Starfleet to do all that was necessary under the Omega Directive to find a beacon and do anything to get it operational and relined with the facilities known as the Vanishing Point. As she continued to sit there and place the pieces of the puzzle together she also realized that Thý’ella had been given the same orders from her leadership of that time. 


Standing up she began to pace around the chamber, her mind wrapped around the total picture as she saw it. Stopping, she looked at Thý’ella. “You have given me much to ponder about,” she confessed as she moved over to the woman. She placed a hand on her shoulder. “In the meantime, I could use some help in finishing up our repairs.”


Thý’ella nodded. “Of course Captain,” she said as she looked at Vausees. “You and your crew are welcome to Angelikós and Daímonas, the two habitable planets in our system.”


Vausees nodded, “I am sure that my crew will take you up on that offer.


Thý’ella nodded in return and smiled as she turned to look at Vausees, “In the meantime, I would like you and Debrah to stay with me in my estate.”


Vausees thought about it for a moment as she looked at her. “I will pass along the message to Debrah.” 


Vausees then left the chamber and met up with Debrah outside of the room. Debrah stood up as Vausees approached, she could tell that something was on her lover’s mind as she approached.


“Thý’ella has offered for you and me to join her in her estate while the repairs to the Heracles are finished,” she said as she looked at her. “She has also given the crew the hospitality of the two planets in the system.


Debrah looked at Vausees, “What do you think we should do?”


“I think we should take advantage of this offer,” Vausees stated.


Debrah nodded as she moved toward Vausees, and she moved into her arms. Vausees wrapped her arms around her and smiled.


“Then it is settled,” Vausees said as she held Debrah.