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Part of USS Ulysses: 01×01 Shattered Horizons and Bravo Fleet: Labyrinth


Raeya Utility Headquarters, Government District, Raeya III
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Six hours after the joint briefing on Ulysses, Lieutenant Commander Julian Vega observed the massive repair effort on the capital city’s power grid from the Raeyan Utility Headquarters Command Center in the government district. The bustling command center was filled with engineers and technicians coordinating efforts to restore power and essential services across the devastated city.

Vega was in his element amidst the chaos. A seasoned engineer with a reputation for innovative problem-solving, he thrived under pressure. Tall and broad-shouldered, with a demeanor that exuded both authority and approachability, Vega was known for his hands-on approach and deep technical expertise. His dark hair was flecked with gray, a testament to his twenty-seven years of experience in Starfleet, and his sharp brown eyes missed nothing.

As Vega scanned the room, a distinguished Raeyan engineer approached him. Senior Engineer Darien Korr was an imposing figure with a lean build, silver hair, and piercing blue eyes. Known for his meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of Raeyan infrastructure, Korr was respected by his peers and essential to the recovery efforts.

“Lieutenant Commander Vega,” Korr greeted, his voice steady despite the urgency in the room.

“Engineer Korr,” Vega replied, nodding in acknowledgment. “How are things on your end?”

Korr glanced around before lowering his voice. “Not good, I’m afraid. We’re facing more than just the physical challenges of restoring the grid. There are… internal disruptions.”

Vega raised an eyebrow. “Internal disruptions? What do you mean?”

Korr leaned closer, ensuring they wouldn’t be overheard. “The Utility and Environment Minister and the Senior Administrator of the Raeyan Utility Commission are complicating our efforts. They’re more concerned with maintaining their power and influence than actually helping the recovery. Resources are being misallocated, and crucial repairs are being delayed because of their interference.”

Vega’s eyes narrowed. “That’s a serious accusation. Do you have any evidence?”

Korr sighed, rubbing his temples. “Nothing concrete, just observations and the word of trusted colleagues. Requests for supplies go missing, decisions get overturned without explanation, and sudden, unannounced inspections seem more like intimidation tactics.”

Vega considered this. “If what you are saying is true, it could jeopardize everything we’re working towards. We need to address this before it spirals out of control.”

Korr nodded. “Exactly. But we need to be cautious. If they suspect we’re onto them, they could worsen matters.”

Vega’s mind raced. “We need to gather more information. Can you discreetly start collecting data on these disruptions? Document everything that seems out of place or suspicious.”

“I can do that,” Korr agreed. “But what about the repairs in the meantime? We’re already stretched thin.”

“In the meantime, we’ll have to work with what we have and stay vigilant. Keep me updated on anything you find.”

“Understood,” Korr said, straightening up. “I’ll do what I can.”

At that moment, an alarm blared from one of the control consoles. Vega and Korr turned to see a flashing red alert on the display.

“Priority Alert: Sector 4 Substation- Government and Diplomatic Districts,” Vega read aloud.

Korr sprang into action, barking orders and requesting updates. “I want a full diagnostic on the Sector 4 power grid now! What’s the status of the EPS conduits and plasma regulators?”

A technician responded quickly, “The primary EPS conduits are experiencing a massive power surge. Plasma regulators are fluctuating beyond safe parameters. We need to reroute power immediately to prevent a breach.”

Korr turned to Vega. “We need to head over there personally. Can you arrange for a site-to-site transport from the Ulysses?”

Vega nodded and tapped his communicator. “Vega to Ulysses, we need an emergency site-to-site transport to the Sector 4 Substation. Lock onto myself and Senior Engineer Korr.”

“Acknowledged, Commander. Stand by,” came the response from the Ulysses transporter chief.

Moments later, Vega and Korr materialized at the Sector 4 Substation. The scene was chaotic, sparks flying from damaged equipment and warning alarms blaring. Engineers and technicians were scrambling to address the rapidly escalating situation.

Korr immediately took charge. “I need a status update on the containment field and plasma flow!”

An engineer shouted back, “Containment field integrity is at 60%. Plasma flow is fluctuating wildly due to a breach in the primary EPS conduit!”

Vega quickly assessed the situation. “We need to stabilize the plasma flow and reintegrate the safety interlocks. Korr, handle the power rerouting. I’ll take care of the containment field.”

Korr nodded and moved to the power distribution node. “I’m diverting power from non-essential systems to reduce the load and bringing the tertiary conduits online to handle the excess flow.”

Vega moved to the containment field controls, accessing the manual override. “I’m recalibrating the field harmonics to compensate for the surge. Jara, assist me with the manual reset sequence.”

Jara, a young Raeyan engineer, joined Vega at the control panel. “Initiating reset sequence now, sir.”

The system groaned under the strain, and for a moment, Vega feared they couldn’t contain the overload. “Adjust the plasma regulators to 0.75 terajoules. We need to equalize the pressure.”

Jara’s fingers flew over the controls. “Done, sir. Pressure is stabilizing, but we’re still seeing fluctuations.”

Vega applied his engineering expertise. “We need to isolate the damaged EPS conduits. Bring the secondary interlocks online and reroute the plasma through the auxiliary regulators.”

Korr shouted from across the room, “The rerouting is holding, but we must maintain the flow within optimal parameters. I’m adjusting the magnetic constrictors to compensate for the increased load.”

Vega nodded. “Good. Jara, synchronize the phase variance of the containment field with the primary power core. That should stabilize the harmonics.”

Jara’s face was a mask of concentration as she worked. “Phase variance synchronized. The containment field is holding steady.”

Suddenly, the system emitted a high-pitched whine, and the containment field flickered ominously. Jara’s eyes widened in alarm. “Sir, the phase variance is destabilizing! There’s an unexpected feedback loop in the harmonics.”

Vega’s mind raced. “Korr, we need to isolate the feedback loop. Can you adjust the polarity of the plasma regulators to counteract the fluctuations?”

Korr nodded, his hands flying over the controls. “On it. Adjusting the polarity now. Jara, reroute the auxiliary power to reinforce the containment field.”

Jara worked quickly, her hands a blur as she executed the commands. “Rerouting power. Reinforcement underway.”

The feedback loop continued to destabilize the system, and the containment field began to fluctuate more violently. Vega realized they needed to think outside the box. “Korr, can we use the harmonic resonance of the tertiary conduits to dampen the fluctuations?”

Korr’s eyes lit up with understanding. “Yes, but we must modulate the frequency to match the feedback loop. It’s a long shot, but it might just work.”

Vega nodded. “Do it. I’ll monitor the phase variance and make adjustments as needed.”

Korr and Jara worked in tandem, modulating the frequency of the tertiary conduits. Vega watched the readouts, his fingers dancing over the controls as he made fine adjustments to the phase variance.

“Frequency modulation at 50 hertz,” Korr called out. “Increasing to 75 hertz.”

“Phase variance stabilizing,” Vega reported. “Maintain the current frequency.”

The containment field began to stabilize, and the violent fluctuations gradually subsided. The high-pitched whine faded, and the system returned to a steady hum.

Vega let out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding. “Excellent work, everyone. We’ve averted a disaster.”

Korr nodded, a relieved smile on his face. “That was some quick thinking, Lieutenant Commander.”

Jara grinned. “I can’t believe we pulled it off.”

Vega’s expression was serious. “This wasn’t just a random malfunction. Someone’s deliberately tampering with our systems. We need to find out who’s behind this and why.”

Korr agreed. “I’ll continue gathering information on the internal disruptions. If we can link these incidents to the higher-ups, we might be able to stop this sabotage at the source.”

Vega’s mind raced with the possibilities. “We’ll get through this, Darien. Together, we’ll ensure the safety and stability of Raeya III.”

A silent alarm went off at that moment, indicating unauthorized access to the power substation. Vega’s eyes widened in realization. “Korr, we’ve got an intruder.”

Korr’s expression hardened. “We can’t let them get away with this.”

Vega quickly tapped his communicator. “Vega to Ulysses. We have unauthorized access to the Sector 4 Substation. Requesting a security detail immediately.”

Captain MacLeod was in his chair on the bridge of the Ulysses when the alert came through.

“Captain, aye. Help is on the way. Ulysses out.” MacLeod closed the channel.

“Lieutenant Kibali, assemble a rapid response team and get down there immediately,” MacLeod ordered.

“Aye, Captain. Security Team Constellation and Delta gear up for rapid response. We’re heading to the Sector 4 Substation.” Lieutenant Nyota Kibali ordered while moving briskly toward the starboard turbolift.

Kibali moved with practiced efficiency, her steps quick and deliberate as she made her way out of the turbolift toward the primary armory. Born on Earth in Nairobi, she had grown up with a strong sense of duty and justice, values instilled by her parents, both of whom served in Starfleet. She was known for her sharp instincts, tactical prowess, and unwavering dedication to her team.

Kibali’s tall, athletic frame moved through the corridors of the Ulysses with a sense of purpose. Her short, tightly coiled hair framed a face marked by determination and focus. She had risen through the ranks quickly, earning the respect of her peers and superiors alike with her steadfast commitment to her roles as Chief of Security and Tactical Systems Officer.

As she entered the armory, she immediately began preparing for the mission.

Kibali donned her tactical gear with practiced precision. She selected a Type-2 phaser for close-quarters combat and a Type-3 phaser rifle for longer-range engagements. Her fingers moved deftly as she checked her equipment, ensuring everything was in perfect working order. She also grabbed a tricorder and a set of stun grenades, anticipating the need for non-lethal options.

Her team arrived swiftly, a mix of seasoned security officers and newer recruits. She looked them over, her keen eyes assessing their readiness. “Alright, listen up,” Kibali began, authoritative yet calm. We have unauthorized access at the Sector 4 Substation on Raeya III. Our primary objective is to secure the site and apprehend any intruders. Our secondary objective is to protect the engineers and ensure no further damage is done to the infrastructure.”

She continued, her tone firm but encouraging. “We’re facing an unknown threat, so stay alert and watch each other’s backs. Constellation team, you’ll take point. Delta team, you’re on perimeter defense. Move swiftly, but don’t take unnecessary risks.”

Her officers nodded, their faces showing a mix of determination and focus. Kibali could see the tension in their eyes, but she knew they were ready. “Gear up and head to Transporter Room One. Let’s move out.”

As they left the armory, Kibali’s mind raced with the details of the mission. She knew the stakes were high. The sabotage had to be stopped, and the safety of the engineers was paramount. She led her team through the corridors of the Ulysses, her thoughts momentarily drifting to her training at Starfleet Academy, where she had learned the value of leadership and the importance of decisiveness in critical moments.

Upon reaching Transporter Room One, Kibali turned to her team for a final briefing. “Remember, if possible, our goal is to neutralize the threat with minimal force. We want to capture the intruders for interrogation. Use stun settings. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Lieutenant!” her team responded in unison.

Kibali nodded, satisfied with their readiness. She stepped onto the transporter pad, followed by her team. “Energize,” she ordered, feeling the familiar tingle as the transporter beam took hold.

The team materialized at the Sector 4 Substation, phasers at the ready. The scene was chaotic, with engineers working frantically to stabilize the systems. Vega and Korr were among them, their faces tense with concentration.

Kibali immediately took charge. “Vega, Korr, where’s the intruder?”

Vega pointed towards a control room. “They accessed the system from there. We haven’t seen them since the alarm went off.”

Kibali nodded. “Constellation team, with me. Delta team, secure the perimeter and ensure no one escapes. Move out!”

Her team moved swiftly and efficiently, spreading out to cover all exits. Kibali led Constellation team toward the control room, her tricorder scanning for life signs. As they approached, the readings indicated a single individual inside.

“On my mark,” Kibali whispered to her team, signaling them to prepare for entry. She counted down silently with her fingers. Three… two… one…

Suddenly, disruptor fire rang out from within the control room, striking the wall just inches from Kibali’s head. She ducked instinctively, her team moving to take cover.

“Return fire! Stun settings only!” Kibali ordered, her voice calm and authoritative despite the sudden danger.

Phaser beams lit the corridor as her team responded with precise, controlled shots. The disruptor fire ceased momentarily, giving Kibali a brief window to assess the situation.

“We need to flush them out,” she muttered. Korr, can you disable the lights in the control room?”

Korr, who had moved closer to the action, nodded and quickly accessed a nearby control panel. “Disabling lights… now.”

The control room was plunged into darkness, and Kibali signaled her team to advance. Using their tricorders to navigate, they moved swiftly and silently toward the entrance.

Kibali reached the door first, her phaser ready. “Flashbang,” she whispered, and one of her team members tossed a stun grenade into the room. A blinding flash and a loud bang followed, disorienting the intruder.

“Go, go, go!” Kibali shouted, leading the charge into the control room.

The intruder, momentarily stunned, tried to regain his bearings. But Kibali’s team was on him in an instant. The room was small, filled with control consoles and screens, which provided little cover for the saboteur.

“Drop your weapon!” Kibali commanded, her phaser trained on the intruder.

Instead of complying, the intruder fired blindly, his disruptor beam slicing through the air. Kibali ducked, feeling the heat of the blast pass just over her head. Her team moved in coordinated precision, fanning out to encircle the saboteur.

“Return fire! Stun him!” Kibali ordered.

Phaser beams converged on the intruder from multiple angles. One beam struck his shoulder, causing him to stagger. Another hit him square in the chest, and he collapsed to the floor, his disruptor clattering away.

“Secure him,” Kibali instructed, breathing heavily but maintaining her composure. Two officers quickly moved to restrain the unconscious intruder, binding his hands and checking him for any concealed devices or weapons.

Kibali turned her attention to the control panels. “Jara, check for any sabotage or tampering in the systems. We need to make sure he didn’t leave us any nasty surprises.”

Jara, already at work, nodded. “On it, Lieutenant. There’s a lot of irregular activity here. He was trying to overload the EPS conduits again. I’ll need a few minutes to assess the full extent.”

Kibali activated her communicator. “Kibali to Vega. The intruder has been subdued. We’re securing the control room now. Jara is checking for any additional sabotage.”

“Good work, Lieutenant,” Vega replied. “We’ll be there shortly to assist. Out.” The comm channel terminated.

As her team worked to secure the area, Kibali’s thoughts turned to the larger implications of this attack. The saboteur had acted with clear intent and skill, suggesting a troubling level of organization and planning. This was no random act of vandalism; it was a coordinated effort to disrupt Raeya III’s critical infrastructure.

Kibali’s pressed her communicator again. “Kibali to Ulysses. We have the intruder in custody.”

“Well done, Lieutenant. Keep me informed. MacLeod out.”

She turned to Vega and Korr as they entered the control room. “Jara is checking the systems for any additional sabotage. I’ll arrange the transfer of our prisoner.”

Vega nodded, his relief evident. “Thank you, Lieutenant. We couldn’t have done this without you.”

Kibali allowed herself a brief smile. “Just doing my job. Let’s get this place locked down and ensure the safety of everyone here.”




  • We're moving fast! Lots of drama percolating in the background while they're just trying to help the locals. I liked that the pacing was pretty quick - we got thrown into a near-meltdown situation that clearly wasn't normal - I thought we were going to cliffhang, but nope - we're on the hunt for our saboteur. One has to wonder who this person was - hopefully, we'll get some answers out of them to better understand the why - this place seems like it needs a lot of help. Whoever thinks this is the best path must have some interesting motivations. Looking forward to more!

    June 21, 2024
  • Brilliant work by Vega and Korr to prevent the whole place blowing up. Whoever this saboteur is, they must have plenty of engineering knowledge, judging by the way things were going out of control so rapidly. Also Kibali and her security team, did a good job of capturing the guy. I get the feeling this isn't over though. Another great piece of work.

    June 23, 2024
  • The way you saved this ship from blowing up was actually such a smart way to do it. The person who is sabotaging the ship I am interested to know more about. This piece was quick yet it flowed in a natural way! I am intrigued to see how this hunt goes and to see what answers come. Great work so intrigued to see more.

    June 25, 2024