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Part of Avalon Fleet Yards: Inside the Frontier


USS Alliance enroute to Avalon Fleet Yards
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Her eyelids fluttered shut, enveloping Mara in darkness as she surrendered to the subtle vibrations coursing through the ship’s frame. The thrum of the engines reverberated within her, a rhythmic pulse that seemed to synchronize with the beating of her heart. With each vibration, she felt a sense of connection to the vessel, as if they were two entities moving in tandem through the vast expanse of space.

The hum of the engines filled her ears, drowning out all other sounds and drawing her focus like a siren’s call. Mara’s lips parted slightly as she counted the beats, her mind instinctively deciphering the ship’s speed from the cadence of its mechanical symphony. Then, without warning, the familiar rhythm shifted, the vibrations diminishing in intensity but accompanied by a new sensation—a low, ominous rumble that stirred unease within her.

Slowly, reluctantly, Mara’s eyes fluttered open, revealing the stark expanse of the ship’s ceiling above her. Its cold metallic surface gleamed dully in the ambient light, a stark contrast to the warmth that had enveloped her moments before. With a soft exhale, she pushed herself upright, her movements languid as she took in her surroundings.

The quarters, bathed in a soft, gentle luminescence, seemed to embrace her with their comforting glow. The walls, adorned in soothing hues of ivory, caught the light and cast it back in a warm, inviting cascade. It was a sanctuary amidst the vastness of space, a haven of calm in the midst of uncertainty.

Her gaze drifted to the corner of the room, where an armchair beckoned invitingly. Its plush cushions whispered promises of respite, adorned with intricate patterns that seemed to dance in the soft glow of the room. Opposite the chair, a viewport stretched from floor to ceiling, offering a tantalizing glimpse of the cosmos beyond.

As Mara rose from her bed and made her way to the viewport, anticipation fluttered in her chest like a caged bird. Through the transparent barrier, she watched as their destination loomed ever closer—the sprawling expanse of the Avalon Fleet Yards, a bustling hub of activity amidst the emptiness of space. Excitement and trepidation mingled within her, a bittersweet symphony of emotions that danced beneath her skin.

With each passing moment, the reality of her impending relocation sank in, bringing with it a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. It was a new beginning, a chance to start afresh in unfamiliar territory. Yet, it also marked the end of her journey aboard this vessel, a poignant reminder of the transient nature of her existence.

As the vessel drew nearer to its destination, Mara couldn’t help but marvel at the irony of it all. This new chapter in her life, filled with promises, would also mark the end of this Freedom-class transporting her—maybe she would be one of the engineers disassembling her? 


  • A really lovely vignette, I can see the young woman darting around her temporary quarters with nervous excitement. Your descriptions are absolutely gorgeous, really evocative and some nice rhythms in the structure. All in all a great introduction to our newest ship-breaker. I'm as excited as Mara is.

    March 20, 2024