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Part of Avalon Fleet Yards: Inside the Frontier

Engineering Solutions – Act I

Brahms Station, Avalon Fleet Yards, Grazer Sector, Alpha Quadrant
April 2401, Several Days after Frontier Day
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Personal Log, Stardate 240104.25. The fleet yard like the rest of Starfleet has recovered mush quicker than i expeted. I however have not had the chance to process what happened that day but we must move forward and I must focus on the work that I’ve been assigned. My hope is that I never have to experience anything likethat again.

Anthony walked down the corridor of the station looking at the PADD he had been carrying with him. He was reviewing the damage control teams’ report and analysis of the structural integrity of the station.

‘I will need to review its section when I get a chance,’ he thought to himself. Even though he wasn’t the head of structural engineering there wasn’t even a position for that to begin with in the first place.

“Lieutenant,” an unfamiliar feminine voice said. Hearing the voice Anthony looked up to find the origin of the voice.

When he looked up he saw an average height Trill female walking fast to catch up with him. She had her hair pulled back into a tight bun.

“Ensign Kusre. Is there something you need?” he asked her as he continued to look at the PADD he was holding. She stepped in front of him.

“I was told to find you and assist you in any way I can,” she said to him smiling nearly ear to ear.

He paid her no mind. He was too busy trying to wrap his head around how the Jupiter signal affected Avalon but not Starbase Bravo.

“I’m sorry,” he said when he finally realized she had said something he looked up at her, “What is that you said?”

“I was told to assist you with anything you needed,” she said, her smile fluttered showing her irritation towards him for not paying attention earlier.

Anthony caught her frustration with having to repeat herself, “Well I was about to go review these sections on the station to ensure they had been properly repaired,” he said to her as he handed her his PADD so she could look at it.

She grabbed the PADD from him and looked over the locations, “We can split them between the two of us to make it go by faster,” she suggested as she handed the PADD back to him.

“That is a wonderful idea, Ensign,” Anthony said to her as he looked back at the PADD to determine how they were going to split the sections, “You can take the promenade, crew quarters, and the recreational facilities,” he said as he tapped at the devices sending the reports for those areas to her PADD.

“I’ll take the command sections, medical sections, and engineering facilities. Then we can meet up and do the sensor and communications facilities together as they are the trickiest,” he said as he finished tapping on the PADD and looked up at her.

Kusre looked at him with a gleam in her eye as he listened to him talk. After a little while she realized she had been staring and diverted he eyes to the PADD she held her hands.

 “Yes, sir,” she said to her as she began to blush a little.

Anthony, a little confused, walked away from her to get started. ‘I wonder what that was about,’ he thought to himself.

  • Anthony Quinn

    Staff Officer, Brahms Station Engineering Department