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Social Machinations (My Enemy is My Friend)

USS Athena, Holodecks

“The day’s work is never really going to end, is it?!” muttered Sophia. “Wait, I don’t even know if it’s day or night or whenever it changes. I’m stuck on a bloody ship for crying out loud! All these newbies are going to make me rip off my own hair one day,” sighing deeply, Sophia tried to regain her cool and finish her “paperwork.“ 

“Having newbie troubles, I see?” said Natalie. When Sophia heard this voice, she blushed deeply and squeaked, “Commander!”. Slowly moving her head to look back, the commander was smiling amusingly at the sight of her being frustrated. “May I join you?” asked Natalie, “of course, Commander! Feel free to join me,” said Sophia, though still blushing over her embarrassment at being too loud when complaining. 

“Have you taken any breaks, Chief? Just a single one would even do,” asked Natalie, concerned for Athena’s chief of operations. “I must say though, you have done a good job training the newbies with your department personnel,” complemented Natalie. “It’s really nothing, Commander, and no, I have yet to take a break,” sighed Sophia while massaging her head.

“Let’s go take a quick break, shall we? How about a trip to the holodecks?” Sophia just nodded her head and thought, “sure why not, I could take a break.” Walking together through the decks of the Athena, they met several officers and enlisted personnel and greeted them accordingly, with some ensigns asking Natalie some questions they had.

Reaching the doors of Holo deck 1 aboard the Athena. The two officers were still not sure what to choose for the holo-program. “What should we choose?” asked Sophia. Natalie replied, “Uhhmm, how about this? Let’s have a challenge, shall we? We’ll both enter the same programme in the agreed-upon novel and chapter.” Sophia was thinking about it and agreed to the terms, “Sure, why not? It could be fun.”

They spent a few moments thinking about which novel they would use, and they both certainly had a lot of ideas. Sophia first thought about using Macbeth by William Shakespeare, and Natalie’s reaction was one of surprise: “Macbeth, really?” Natalie’s eyebrows rose up and she questioned Sophia’s choice of novel. “What? I like Shakespearean texts,” said Sophia defensively about her choice of text. 

They spent a few more minutes bickering and arguing over the agreed-upon text and what they would use for the Holo decks. They finally came to an agreement on one novel. “What about Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray?” asked Natalie. Taking a few moments to think, Sophia then agreed with Natalie’s choice of text: “Sure, the Vanity Fair is one of my favorites by Thackeray, so why not?”

Seeing that they have both agreed on a novel, which of course was Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray. They began to think of the chapter they would start with: “What chapter would we start with, though?” asked Sophia, curiously scratching her head. “How about this? Let’s add a little twist to this programme of ours. You know Becky Sharp, right?” asked Natalie. “Of course I do! I’m offended that you even asked me that.” “Anyways, since she’s the main protagonist of the novel and a so-called “villain or enemy,” but that’s beside the point since the novel’s actual “enemy” is not any of the characters but vanity itself.” taking a deep breath, Natalie began speaking once again. “So basically, the challenge I set forth to you, should you choose to accept it, is to use the theme ‘My Enemy is My Friend’ which means we have to befriend the character, and how it ends will be entirely up to us together.”

“This should be fun! But what chapter will we enter into?” asked Sophia. “I’m thinking about entering into the start of chapter 47, the chapter is named “Gaunt House,” if I’m not mistaken. Humming and nodding her head, Sophia agreed and said, “Chapter 47 was a good chapter, if I still remember it correctly.” “So that’s it? Have we decided on something that we both agree on?” asked Natalie. “Yup, we have come to an agreement.” Going to the computer, Natalie pressed some buttons, and the Holodeck was prepared. The computer then replied promptly with, “Programme complete; enter when ready.”

Entering the holo decks, Sophia and Natalie first looked around the scene. Looking around, they both saw the same scene: a Londonian mansion. They both thought and asked the same thing in their minds: “Isn’t this Lord Steyne’s mansion?”. They were both indeed correct; this was Lord Steyne’s mansion. They started exploring the streets until they bumped into a particular character. The protagonist of the whole story is Miss Becky Sharp. “My deepest apologies, ladies; I wasn’t looking where I was going,” said Becky Sharp. “It’s quite fine, miss,” said Sophia. “No, our deepest apologies also, miss; we weren’t looking as well,” said Natalie. Looking at the woman in front of them, they both thought to themselves, This is Becky Sharp. “I’m sorry, I haven’t introduced myself; I’m Becky Sharp.” introduced the protagonist of the story. “No worries, I’m Sophia Hayland, and this is my friend Natalie Kurtz.” Sophia takes the lead and introduces both of the officers to the protagonist.

They both continue to banter with the protagonist and become friends with her. The three of them went back to Becky’s place and had tea there, getting to know each other better. After some time with Miss Sharp, the two officers then brought up a very interesting discussion with the protagonist. “Have you heard of Lord Steyne?” asked Natalie to the protagonist of the novel. “Ahh yes, Steyne, you’d expect a Lord to be faithful to his lady but apparently not. It is a common practice here to have mistresses. Why have you heard of such a rumor? A rumor that could be used against them?” Becky asked, starting to get suspicious of the two officers. “I have heard rumors that the Steyne Mansion has several apartments in which Lord Steyne and his friends use it as a place to bring their mistresses,” said Sophia. “What is in for me, and what is it in for you ladies?” asked Becky. “We just need to get rid of Steyne and his likes, his political likes, which could bring down several of his friends also,” said Natalie.

After considering and chatting for a few more minutes, Becky thought to herself. “This could boost my popularity and money. Seducing Steyne and getting his secrets while destroying him should be fun.” After considering for another moment, Becky finally answered, “I think we have come to an agreement. You ladies provide me with the information I need, and I’ll deal with Steyne.” “Pause programme,” shouted Natalie. The entire scene around the two officers stopped. “What was that for?” Asked Sophia, confused as to why Natalie paused the programme. “I mean, it’s going well for now, but we have to stick to the plot, or do we change it in the slightest to make it interesting for us?” asked Natalie. “Hmm, probably bring a few changes, like bringing down Steyne and his friends, perhaps?” Inquired Sophia, still thinking of a better ending for Chapter 47.

Before they continued the program, though their combadges were not visible to the programme. On both of Sophia’s and Natalie’s combadges, the captain of the Athena spoke, “Senior Staff meeting at conference room three, zero-eight hundred hours. Seeing that it was almost zero-eight hundred hours, they decided to end it in the meantime and get back to the programme when they had the time. “Computer, save and end programme,” said Natalie, while both of the officers were walking out of the holodeck to the conference room.

Honor Thy Family (Family Matters)

It was that time of the year again, or rather, years as I remember it. Shore leave is a time to relax and enjoy your short vacation. “I thank the heavens that shore leave has arrived. I have been meaning to get to visit my family on Earth for quite a time now,” muttered Sophia to herself. 

“I’ve been stuck on a bloody ship for god knows how long. This will be beneficial to me, and I could get reunited with my family after all these years!” exclaimed Sophia, cheerful about the shore leave. 

The Athena was at dock for a short while, so the officers had time for a short while, which was approximately 1 month. Which was long considered being stuck on a ship for 5 years at a time. 

Walking through the corridors of the Athena, Sophia was walking towards the transporter room to be beamed off to the starbase below to be transported to Earth to see her family once more. 

Entering the transporter room, she saw the transporter chief and exclaimed, “Hey chief! Aren’t you interested in shore leave?” 

“I still have to wait for all the officers who want to be beamed down to step off duty,” said the transporter chief sadly. 

“Well, that’s too bad, but I thank you for your dedication to the ship and its crew.” feeling slightly bad for the transporter chief.  

“Thank you, Commander. I assume a beam down to the Starbase is in order?” asked the chief.

“Yeah. One to Starbase Chief.” 

“Got that, Commander. Enjoy your shore leave!” exclaimed the transporter chief.

Reaching Starbase, Sophia started walking quickly towards the shuttle bays. This was her way of transportation to Earth at the moment, and she would probably be in a shuttle for a few days until she reached Terra Sol. “This is going to be a long journey… but anything for family, am I right?” muttered Sophia to herself.

After the journey to Earth for the past few days, Sophia was actually stating to think that she hates personal shuttles. “Bloody shuttles. Anyway, I am home already, aren’t I?”  

Walking through the neighborhood where her parents now reside. Well, let’s say she got a bit lost on the way. “It has really been a few years since I’ve been here. I miss home.” 

“Ah ha! I got it. I’m pretty confident that this is the place.” The neighborhood was actually pretty big considering her parents lived near where trees grow. Closer to nature, they might say.

Standing in front of the door to the house her parents lived in, Sophia was starting to get overwhelmed with emotions, as the last time she saw her parents was like several years ago—3 to 5 years ago! Memories were rushing back to her like a truck on steroids. No pun intended!  

A certain memory came rushing back to her in the present day. It was the memory of the first time she got accepted to the academy. Sophia and her parents were overwhelmed with joy as she got accepted to Starfleet Academy. With both of her parents being officers in the fleet, this was great news that their daughter was accepted. 

She shed a tiny tear of happiness at the memory. Sophia finally had the courage to knock on the door.

“Sophia! An unexpected surprise! What are you doing here? Come in, dear!” said Sophia’s mother, who was named Daphne. 

“Well, shore leave is here, so I thought, why not visit the both of you? Where’s dad?” asked Sophia, finding her father Timothy. 

“Oh, your father went out to fix something with the academy. Since he retired from active duty as a captain, he has decided to teach at the academy, which is actually going well for him!” exclaimed Daphne. 

“Enough about me, mother, how has the family been? How are you and your father doing? I’m sure after both of your retirements from Starfleet Command, life has been well… boring, I might say,” said Sophia laughingly. 

“Though I never wish to be stuck on a bloody shuttle for that long, but that’s beside the point.” 

“Well, life has been good for me and your father, dear. I took up a posting at Daystroms Institute, and then your father, of course, took up a teaching position at the academy,” said Daphne. 

“How’s life at the Athena? I heard you’ve been assigned to a Prometheus-class starship! You’ve also managed to get the position of Chief of Operations!” asked Daphne, curious about her daughter’s placement in one of the most formidable ships in service at Starfleet. 

“I mean, the Athena is great, while the captain is a bit strict on things. He’s actually a pretty chill person, not going to lie. I like my position, though the headache that comes with it is not favorable. Imagine conducting operations on a ship that can split into three?!” exclaimed Sophia, a bit haggard from all the work over the years. 

“Why don’t you stay for dinner, and we’ll discuss all your adventures on the Athena? Your father should be here in about an hour. I’ll start cooking dinner!” 

“Thanks mom! I do miss your home-made meals! Replicator food is well… I can’t complain about it,” Sophia jokingly said.

“Honey, I’m home!” called out Timothy, Sophia’s father, having just arrived at their home from the academy.

 “I’m in the kitchen! Making dinner!” called out Daphne. 

Walking through the hall of their house, Timothy suddenly saw a figure sleeping on their couch in the living room. “Sophia?! Is that you?” 

Waking up from her short nap, Sophia heard someone calling out her name and was awoken by it. The voice sounded familiar: “Dad, is that you?” 

“Sophia!! Come here and give your father a good old hug!” exclaimed her father. 

“Dad! You’re back! I’ve missed both you and mom so much over the years!” with small tears starting to form on her eyelids. 

“Well, we’ve also missed you, sweetheart. How’s the Athena?” asked Timothy, curious about her daughters posts on the so-called “war ship”. 

“Dinners are ready!!” exclaimed Daphne. “You two can continue chatting during dinner. Let’s come eat!”

The father-daughter duo went to the dining hall with Daphne already there and chatted away through the night with delicious food specially made by Sophia’s mother, Daphne. The happy family was once again reunited after years of being separated from each other. One being in a starship, a professor in the academy, and a researcher at an institute.

Know It, Or Do I? (Science Your Way Through It)

Chief Science Officers Room

Computer start recording. The computer then made a beeping sound and I started to say. Ensigns Personal Log, Stardate 240107.18

Reporting to the Chief of Sciences is not a normal task. Most people would say it is a task that takes courage. Especially when the Chief Science Officer is a person of high regard and holds the rank of Commander already. Why would the junior officers be scared of this officer? Are not science officers usually the chillest of them all? I mean compared to the all of the department heads, sciences would be the least scary in a sense. Especially compared to reporting to the executive officer or the captain himself. 

But today, I found myself in a dilemma. I was told to report to the Chief Science Officer instead of my team leader. This is how the hierarchy usually works, we ensigns all report either to a lieutenant or lieutenant commander of our divisions then they report to the chief science officer right? But no. Earlier this morning, I was directly told by my team leader to report to the chief science officer. 

A lot of thoughts were running wild inside my head. Then the lieutenant commander said as I recalled, “Be there by o nine hundred hours. Good luck to you Ensign. Do not be late, she does not like people being late.“ That is when my heart dropped. Report to the chief of sciences?! No ensign aboard this star ship has done that yet. I am going to be the first? This is not going to go well at all. Not in any case possible.

Anyways, let me give you a short summary of what I know of the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Athena. Her name is well, Elizabeth Roy. Her name was mentioned by several of my professors at the academy. She is well known for acing or perfecting several courses and its exams such as fractal calculus and quantum mechanics. Even me my self have took fractal calculus graduating with well at least an eighty percentile grade on my report card which would be somewhere around b something. Anyways, this means she is smart and dedicated enough to study for the hardest science and mathematics course that starfleet academy had to offer and has to offer. 

Let me describe what I had to present to the Chief of Sciences earlier. And by the heavens it was scary. I am so not doing that anytime soon anymore. I wish I did not have to do it at all! Having took astrophysics as my Major in the academy. It meant that I was usually assigned to research stuff all around the science department that was related to astrophysics. Let me tell you, with astrophysics having a wide spread or long spectrum of topics it is not exactly the most ideal to have that as your first assignment upon graduating the academy. Imagine having to do research upon your every shift and rotation. Countless samples and hypothesis to be examined and meticulously tested, evaluated then well that depends on what happens next actually. Anyways our conversation went a bit like this.

En route to the Chief of Sciences Room…

I was walking in a steady pace with my heart thumping and threatening to jump out of my chest and run away. Even my hands and forehead were sweating, that is how nervous I felt about the situation that time. Taking a left turn to the turbo lifts, I then stood inside the turbo lift and said, Deck 12. It was the place where all science stuff happens and most importantly, where the Chief science officers office or room you may call it was located. 

Taking a left then a right into the corridors, with my hands still sweating and my heart still threatening to jump out. I stood in front of the chief science officers room. Taking a deep breathes I went in muttering a small tiny prayer that everything goes well. With me, I had my PADD which I was supposed to present it to her. The boss of my boss, as you may call it. 

Chief of Sciences Room…

”Ah, Ensign. Take a seat. I’ll be with you in a moments of time. Apologies for the delay and wait.“ said Roy.

I was greeted with this statement so I immediately went to sit down on the chairs in front the desk of the big boss as I’ve fancied the term now. I was then straightening my uniform as a way to calm my nerves down a bit. But that seemed not to be working anyways. 

”Do you want anything? Tea or coffee perhaps?” asked Roy.

Ahh, I was screaming internally my head. With random and more random thoughts flying across my mind. Why is the Chief science officer offering me a drink for example?! I really should have waited for the others to report to the team leader before I did. Now, it is my doom already. I then managed to stagger out a small response, “Tea please if you would, Earl Grey.” 

Ahhh, not this again. Why did I still say Earl Grey?! What am I thinking?! I have surely lost my sanity. The chief science officers words brought me out of my internal monologue and turmoil that was currently still raging. 

“Ensign, what do you have for me?” asked Roy, while setting down the tea I asked for. 

Clearing my throat before speaking, I stammered out, “uhm uh, here ma’am“ handing her my PADD which is filled with data from all the preliminary results and research I have done.

“Ensign, you are speak to speak. Don’t be scared or anything. It’s just routine, it is just like you reporting to your team leader. Okay? Now take a deep breath.“

Taking a deep breath as the chief science officer suggested, I said, “Uh yes ma’am. Apologies.“

”Anyways, give me a summary of your findings if you would.” asked Roy.

I started speaking while my mind was still in a turmoil and in distress. “Ma’am, according to the preliminary data collected by the team which then got received by me. The asteroid belt that we are currently… I mean the ship is currently in front of was caused by the breaking of a planets moon someplace near this system. That is all I could find about the asteroid sample that was given to me.“

”And? Give me the scientific details. Everyone could deduce that hypothesis in any matter of minutes also. Even the engineering officers could do it. Give me more details. How it was formed. Where it came from. Why it is there. Surely you know that asteroids are just space rocks in a typical sense and the other important details you need to report.“

I was starting to sweat profusely because of the long line of questioning that was currently on going. It is not going according to plan. I can sense the disappointment the commander is feeling right now. “Uhm apologies commander. Going on, I can form a hypothesis that the asteroid belt is well. Or has been there for several decades at least. The formation of the rocks are intact which suggests this asteroid belt was somehow formed on purpose. We have perhaps entered an old trap or battlefield that was set by the nearby inhabitants of the system.“ 

“Science my dear. I want the scientific details.“

“Apologies again Commander.“ I stammered out, inside my mind I was screaming and running around telling my inner self to make this right or I will not be making a good first impression on the chief science officer. “The asteroid belt is well positioned near a nebula with the asteroid belt consisting of dense and highly volatile materials. We can maneuver out of the asteroid belt with minimal damage to the ship which nothing the shields can’t handle. We can’t just move around the asteroid belt because of the possible volatility of the substances in outer space which we still haven’t identified yet. The substances near the asteroid belt and the nebula pose a small risk to the ship. Small but still a risk. I have done the calculations using heliocentric and geocentric equatorial coordinates and it is in the PADD right there.“

“I am satisfied with your findings. Great job. Next time don’t be too nervous and remember to get to the point. You are dismissed.” said Roy.

”Aye, yes ma’am!“ clicking my heels together I practically ran out the Chief science officers room. I most certainly would not like to go back there anytime soon. 

And here I am once again. I returned to my bunk and started to record this, my personal log sort of thing. Anyways, today was an actual eventful day. I managed to pass off that I knew something about science while presenting my work. Wait, I do know something but I managed to make it seem that I know more about it. Genius, I know. Anyways it seems that I was given rest of the shift off by the Lieutenant Commander. Oh well! Free time it is. 

One last note that I must remember always in the near future if I want to make it out alive and get possibly promoted. Number 1, always directly get to the point. Number 2, calm your nerves down before presenting anything. It interferes with your speech and makes you more nervous and anxious. Number 3, be prepared for any and all questions that may be asked by anyone at anytime. Be confident in what you know and make it seem like that you actually know what you are doing. Which is what you are actually supposed to do. That should be all I think. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Computer, end personal log.

The Dimly Lit Star (The Lucky Crewmember)

Have you ever wondered how Harold Vaughn ever attained the rank and commission to the rank of Captain just at the ripe age of 38? How he was given the command of a Prometheus class starship? One of the most formidable ships in Starfleet‘s service? Well, let me tell you a story that goes back years when he was the chief tactical and operations officer for several other starships in the past.

”Today, we are here to celebrate the heroic and life saving efforts of the crew who held against the attack of the Borg forces. Many lives were lost in the process of attaining this but on the end we are victorious. We stand here in this sacred hall to honour those who fought and defended the United Federation of Planets. WE STAND HERE. To commemorate the lives of the crews that were lost. WE STAND HERE. To reflect on the past mistakes and failures we have made that led to this. WE STAND HERE. To learn from the mistakes we have made in the past. WE STAND HERE. To learn to be vigilant once again. WE STAND HERE. To have a moment of silence for those who gave their lives to help us.”

At this moment, Harold Vaughn held his breathe in silent contemplation. He was one of the lucky ones to have escaped the slaughter machine which is called the Borg. The incident of the Frontier Day in which they are commemorating today has left a deep mental scar in his ever lasting memory. 

”The Dimly Lit Star, survives yet another tragedy. I am indeed lucky while being unlucky.” muttered Vaughn softly. 

“Let us give our graduates a big round of applause! They have gradually and have been granted the commission to the rank of Ensigns, with their own choosing for their first ever posting whether it be on a star ship or a starbase. The choice is yours Cadets! Or should I say Ensign? You carry our legacy, our future, our hope. You are the next generation to reach the stars and to seek out new life and civilizations. You hold our dreams with the turning of the century. Our technology has advanced and so have we. You are the best example and people for this. I shall finish off today’s ceremony with a few words from our honor graduates starting off with Harold Vaughn, who graduated tactical/operations school with flying colors of A plusses and not a single fail. Let us give one big round of applause!”

Walking up the stage to give his own speech was like a dream that he wished never came true but also wished came true. “I don’t know anymore?” muttered Vaughn quietly. ”I stand before you here today to give you a few words of encouragement. I myself did not make this quote so I respectfully quote my father who has helped me grow in the virtues and values of being a Starfleet Officer. It is he who made me into the person I am today and I am forever grateful to him and to everyone who ever believed in me.”

”There are many paths in life to take but to choose the right one is something unforeseen until you reach the very end of the road you have opted to take. But should that ever hinder your dreams? Live a little and take your chance to find out. If it’s the wrong path, atleast you can learn from it.”

”Those very words were my inspiration from my father who helped me through my academy years. It gave me a hope for a future that has yet to come. So I urge everyone to maybe listen a little to the inspiration that my father has gave me. I was of the lucky ones, I excelled academically yet I lacked friends throughout the first few years of the academy. The Dimly Lit Star, my father always said. I am and will forever be a Dimly Lit Star. However I may be lucky in life, there are always things I am not lucky at. Thank you.” finished Vaughn who held his head down with the memories of his fathers words rushing back to him.

“Commander Harold Vaughn, you stand here before the council with heavy decisions yet to be made by us, the Admiralty. You have been held responsible for the lives of the crew of a starship. You made a very risky decision as the chief tactical officer. While no lives were lost in the process of engaging a Klingon warbird, your actions have been taken into consideration.“ said the Admiral who was sat at the middle of the council chamber.

“We have two options, to promote you for your foolish yet logical decision or we decide to ship you of to some Starbase and make you the head of the tactical department in which we are currently short of. With the event of Frontier Day making us lack the necessary staff.“ said a Vulcan Vice Admiral. “We are considering this course of action. Promote you to the rank of Captain then assign you to Starbase 55. Most personnel were reassigned to different Star base as they lack staff members.“

”Or we could also promote you to the rank of Captain and assign you a tactical starship? In which you’ll be assigned to report to Task Force 72 under the command of Captain Geromino Fontana.”

”You are dismissed as of the moment. Please stay outside the council chamber until we convey our decision with you.“ said the Admiral.

Sitting outside the council chamber, Vaughn was contemplating if he was going to be promoted or demotion for his rather foolish actions engaging with a Klingon warbird. His thoughts revolved around his whole entire service in Starfleet. While his train of thought was running wildly, his thoughts were interrupted. “Commander, you may reenter the council chamber.“

Walking into the council chamber, Vaughn held his breathe while waiting for the Admiralties decision. “Congratulations Captain Vaughn. You have been assigned the command of a Prometheus-class starship.”

Thus here we are, the Dimly Lit Star who is considered lucky yet unfortunate yet the stars have shined upon him. May his future be a star albeit a dimly lit one.

Breach of Honor (Friend or Foe)

Walking in a rush to the captains ready room is not an easy task, but Vaughn was seemingly doing it as of the moment. He was called by the captain over his com badge to immediately go to him. ”Lieutenant Vaughn, report to the captains ready room immediately.” So here we are, Vaughn standing outside the ready room ready to knock when he heard, “Lieutenant, come in.”

”Lieutenant, I have a task of great importance. We have received intelligence from Starfleet Command that the maquis have something of great importance at the planetary base we are currently traveling to. So I need you to be Team Omega’s team leader as of the moment as a team leader has yet to be chosen. Team Delta will not be deployed any time soon so you still have your position as Team Delta’s team leader but I am as of the moment assigning you the command of Team Omega. Is that understood Lieutenant?“ asked the Captain of the USS Avalon, an Obena class starship which Vaughn was currently stationed at.

”Aye sir. Entirely at your disposal.“

”Good, the team is at your command Lieutenant. Anything you need, ask it from me. Your team will deploy exactly the moment we arrive at the planetary base. Your priority should be retrieving whatever that is they are looking for. You will all be armed as all members are combat trained.“

”I am guessing Team Omega has been told of this development and situation?“

“Yes, they have been informed. Meet the team at the armory bay. Godspeed Lieutenant.” said the Captain. 

“Lieutenant Vaughn Sir! I am the team’s deputy leader, Lieutenant Junior Grade Alakol, weapons specialist and tactical officer sir! Welcome to Team Omega!” said Alakol, introducing him self to the new team leader.

”At ease people. I’m sure some of us already know each other with the same type of work we do on a daily basis but I see some unfamiliar faces. So let us quickly introduce our selves and our specialties in what we do.” said Vaughn, interested to know everyone’s specialized skill or department.

“Ensign Lopez Sir! Team pilot, trained in advance maneuvers on shuttle crafts and small crafts alike. Trained in hand to hand combat and advanced evasive maneuvers and tactics.” said Lopez.

”With him as the team’s pilot sir you don’t have to worry about not getting there.”

“Ensign Clifford, field medic. Trained in advance forms of medical and surgical procedures.”

”You wouldn’t have to worry about losing a life and last but not the least.”

”Lieutenant Junior Grade Ponter Sir! Tactical marksmen. Give me any weapon I can arm and disarm and effectively use it against the enemy sir. Also hand to hand combat trained.”

Pondering on his new temporary team, Vaughn could only say one thing, “Pleased to see all of you specialized in a set of skills and roles. I will have the utmost pleasure in working with you guys. XO, do you have the equipment ready to go?”

”Locked and loaded sir! Everything has been packed and ready for immediate use.“ said Alokal.

Nodding his head in acknowledgment, Vaughn then said, “Let’s have a rundown on what’s going to happen down at the planetary base.”

”Team Omega you have a green light. Proceed to hanger bay 2 immediately.”

”That is our go signal, is everything well and functioning?“ asked Vaughn.

”Aye Sir!“ was the collective answer of Team Omega. “Then let’s go!“

”Ensign Lopez, let us go.“ ordered Vaughn. “I want intelligence on the maquis and their vessels tactical advantages.“

”Sir, the intelligence suggests that the maquis are looking for some part of a technology that could be found at the planetary base below.” said Alakol.

”How big is it? Any distinctive markings to identify the said object?”

”No sir, but intelligence suggests that it does emit bursts of radiation emissions while harmless it is detectable by our equipment.”

”Ensign Clifford, your equipment should be of use. Look out and scan for any signs of radiation emissions when we land.“ ordered Vaughn. “Aye sir!”

”Lopez, what is our ETA?”

”30 seconds sir, it should get a little bumpy so have a seat.” said Lopez suggesting to the Lieutenant to have a sit.

“We have landed outside the base, Sir.“ said Lopez.

”Weapons charged on stun? All equipment good to go XO?”

”Aye sir.” was the collective answer of the team who was already suited into their hazard suits with a regulation type 2 hand phaser, compression phaser rifle and a field tricoder. 

“Let’s go. Keep your eyes peeled for maquis. Stun anyone you see and get the objective item.” said Vaughn for the last time.

Arriving at the planetary base, the team was cautious in entering the base and finding the objective item that the maquis needed for their technology. The intelligence suggests that the maquis has an object of importance and that they have sent the hazard team of USS Avalon to search and retrieve it. 

“Sir, no life signs currently at the base. What‘s weird is that there are no signs of radiation emission yet. I am concluding that the device would be contained in a container in which our sensors can’t detect.“ said Ensign Clifford. 

“That’s strange. Ensign Lopez did you detect any maquis ships? Or at least hi jacked vessels that have been commandeered?” asked Vaughn. 

“No sir, no ships detected during our decent into the atmosphere. No ships on surface either.”

”Sir! I think I have found the said object in question. Minimal radiation leaking sir, whoever had the box was not so careful in containing the device.“

How could that be? If they didn’t want the device found then they would have been contained for securely. That did not make any sense in the mind of one Harold Vaughn.

”Thank you for finding it for us.” then the shooting started. Rifle blasts were heard throughout the base.


”Too da loo! You have my eternal thanks and gratitude.” said Ponters. He was then beamed away from the base with the device in hand. 

“Curse you Ponters!” screamed Vaughn. A traitor in our midst and a hazard team member?! What will I ever say to the Captain on what happened here. A traitor in our midst…

First Impressions (First Contact)

Computer, start recording.

Lieutenants Personal Log Stardate 238806.09

I was recently included in the away mission on the discovery of a new planet. This is a very important milestone in diplomatic relations between this planet and the United Federation of Planets. With the USS Challenger, a Sovereign-class starship under the command of Captain Matthew Hawthorne. 

The species home world was located in the northern part of the galactic cluster which was full of asteroids which gave our helm officer a had time navigating around. The Captain assembled an away team to make first contact with the species and I was luckily included. 

A warp capable civilization was one of the requirements to make first contact and it seems like there were already several ships surrounding the planets atmosphere. The captain spoke for us and opened diplomatic relations between the both of us, in which the other party agreed to allow us to beam down.

Beaming down, the first impression I made of the place was that it was full of jungles and trees. It was an endless stream of trees that seemingly never end. The people that stood before us looked like humanoids but with one critical difference. The people had cat-like ears but had normal hands and legs. That was very strange indeed. 

When the native people of Bupolia V spoke, it also revealed a very interesting bit of information. Their teeth were razor sharp. Like those of vampires from olden myths on Earth. The universal translator surprisingly worked quickly in translating and adopting to the new language which was full of rough words and sentences that almost sounded like the Klingons. 

Anyways, the Captain has agreed to keep relations open and has agreed to beam down again tomorrow at 1200, standard earth time. I been included in the away team for the rest of the journey and I am expected to right a full report for Starfleet Command. That’s all.

Computer, end personal log.