Operational Report, Task Force 93 – August 2019

Briefing Room: Deep Space Six

1315 HRS

Kara sat in the empty conference room, now designated the ‘war room’ awaiting the arrival of her Task Force Executive Officer and the CO of DS-6, Captain Roman Valdez. Ignoring her CMO’s advice and heading straight here to be treated rather than sickbay, the doctor had patched her up as best he could before scurrying out the door.


Commodore Juliet St. Clair was in the conference room moments later. She had heard about what happened, but had only been given tiny bits of information. Having arrived from Atlantis only days earlier, she was barely settled when the incident occurred. Captain Valdez followed just behind her. “Admiral. We just heard the news. First, are you alright?”


Roman wanted to rush straight to Kara’s side, ask if she was ok, hold her tight and not let go but he knew he couldn’t, this was technically the first time he had met Commodore St. Clair and didn’t want to seem unprofessional in the current situation. He strode down the room on the opposite side of Juliet, pulling out the chair to Kara’s right and taking a seat.


“Ive yet to decide, I think part of my hip is still on the South Carolina” Kara answered Juliet, mustering her typical sarcastic tone through the pain. Turning to face Roman she asked about the ship she was travelling on “How is she? If the Decius hadn’t showed up when she did…” after a short pause whilst gazing across the room, she continued “I don’t know what would have happened”. Roman sat forward, almost outreaching for Kara’s hand that was now placed on the tabletop “The Excelsior has towed her into Spacedock now, aside from the obvious visual damage, we won’t know the full extent for another couple of hours but she is intact” he finished his report.


Kara tapped a few commands on the small touchpad on the tabletop and activated a holo image of the small Defiant Class, USS South Carolina surrounded by 4 Klingon Birds of Prey, turning her attention to her Task Force Executive Officer “Do we even know if this was the Sovereignty of Kahless, another rogue faction or the Empire itself?”


“Intelligence reports suggest it was a new House that is using this attack to announce their allegiance to Sovereignty of Kahless,” Juliet answered. “The House of Maang. This House always made gains by absorbing the assets of fallen Houses. We suspect they have been amassing fleet resources by taking control of Ma’rek, Duras, and Mo’kai ships that were confiscated by the Empire.” She took a deep breath. “And now those assets are back under SoK control. Their fleet may have just increased in size by forty percent or more.”


The news of this latest intelligence report had taken Kara back, it wasn’t that long ago the Sovereignty of Kahless were no more than a small collection of Klingon Houses following a desperate leader. “Roman, I want DS6 to task all available assets to on border patrol within the Transit Corridor…. speak with Captain Hawk, I’d like to delay his departure to 38 and have the Excelsior as a show of strength along the border”


Roman nodded in agreement with the Admiral “I think that’s a good call Admiral, the Excelsiors presence may deter them from crossing it again” He tapped a few light commands into his padd and sent a note to Captain Hawk of the Excelsior to meet him in Ops in 1 hours time. “Commodore” Roman turned to put his attention on the Task Force Executive Officer, not wanting to ignore her completely no matter how much concern he had for his partner. “Is there anything to suggest why the SoK crossed the border to attack the South Carolina in the first place?”


“None yet, Captain,” Juliet answered. “Honestly? The House of Maang’s betrayal took Starfleet Intelligence by surprise. This move suggests that the SoK is planning some new action against us and against the Klingon Empire.” She looked back to Admiral Thrace. “We should try to requisition additional resources. Maybe even task some major fleet action. A show of force in the Corridor.”


“Agreed” Kara responded, she had yet to make any formal request for additional resources from Command, knowing it wouldn’t be a quick response and resigning herself to utilise what they already had at their disposal, an idea flashed into Kara’s mind “I will need to discuss with HQ but in the meantime, I have an old friend working in the RTC that we could utilise for some…… under the radar intelligence gathering, we should also consider contacting Lieutenant Tigan on the Ajax to gather as much information as we can”


Juliet nodded. “Aye, sir. I also recommend we make use of exploratory and humanitarian resources that are capable of military action. It balances a show of force with ensuring the local peoples don’t think we’re there to conquer them or a provoke a war. I recommend the Armstrong and the Sirona. They can hold their own in a fight, but aren’t as much of a direct provocation.”


Kara nodded in agreement “Good call, Juliet… Roman, lets get this in motion now. Ive got a favour to call in” At what was seen as the conclusion of the meeting with Kara standing and nodding to both officers, Juliet and Roman tapped a few commands in their respective PADDS and exited the room quickly to carryout their orders


As Commodore St.Clair and Captain Valdez departed the war room with their orders, Kara got up to order a much needed coffee from the replicator. As she stood, she winced in pain from her injuries, silently cursing herself for dismissing the CMO so quickly. “Computer” she began as she retrieved her piping hot latte from the terminal “Open an encrypted subspace channel to the SS Warden and display when ready… priority 1”


News from Task Force 93!


  • USS Excelsior: The Excelsior comes to the aid of the ambushed Defiant Class USS South Carolina when it was enroute through the RTC. Fending of some SoK aggressors and towing the ship back to DS6, Captain Hawk is tasked with patrolling the Klingon border but not to engage.
  • SS Warden:The members of the Warden, or should we say Captain Walter Jones has lost the bidding for his ship, and now have concocted a plan to get it back and crash an intergalactic trading houses monetary system. Will they get out? Will they get the ship? How many and what kind of enemies are they going to make because of this? Will they make it out? Or will they end up as star dust?
  • USS Hypatia: Hypatia’s crew is current attending a Science and Technology convention on Capella. They enjoy a few days off as a new XO comes aboard and new orders are issued for Hypatia.
  • USS Devonshire: With the recapture of Canterra, the Gorn conflict will enter a new phase where Starfleet holds the initiative. The battle itself, and the subsequent liberation of the Canterra system sets the stage for and end to the current Gorn conflict. Cestus can be advanced upon once Canterra is secured, depending on Gorn losses in these two systems, an invasion of Gorn space may or may not be necessary. In any case the conflict is one step closer to resolution.
  • USS Shanghai: The USS Shanghai comes to the aid of the USS Warspite against a Cadre of Klingon ships. The situation is a dangerous one, as a multiple birds of prey and a Negh’var cruiser have beset the Sovereign – but Shanghai’s joining of the fray even the odds. Unable to live with themselves just watching, the crew agrees to skirt the Temporal Prime directive, beaming the crew of the crippled Warspite aboard the Shanghai, despite knowing the ship was lost with all hands during the battle in Shanghai’s original timeline. During the rescue, Shanghai is boarded, and it is quickly discovered that the Klingons are after something unusual. They’re after information. Given the sensative intelligence aboard the ships, Shanghai’s crew races to board the ship and make sure that none of the information is sent to the Klingons’ allies…
  • USS Atlantis: First Contact with the Rall did not go as planned. The Atlantis has been taken over, with most of her crew transferred to Rall prison ships. Our chief engineer is being forced to fix the engines for them, while our XO undermines his efforts. The chief flight control officer has absconded with our shuttlepod, the Magnus, to find help with the USS Findlay.
  • USS Ajax: Still patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone the Ajax has been contacted to go on reconnaissance following the attack on the South Carolina.
  • USS Sirona: Freshly returned from the Mirror Universe, the crew of the Sirona begin debrief and reflection on the implications of their incursion through the looking glass.
  • Hawkeye Island: Our team that has infiltrated the secret science complex as run into danger. The mad scientist has unleashed her horde of creatures. The away team searches for a way out of the maze that is the complex. Back at the command base the second officer has mounted a rescue mission. The 106th Blue Wolves and a runabout with search and rescue specialists soar in the skies overhead. The away team tries to make it out alive.
  • USS Armstrong: The USS Armstrong, while out on patrol along the Sovereignty of Kahless sphere of influence, ran aground into what they thought was an uncharted gravimetric distortion. Initial scans have indicated that there were some man-made elements present, including traces of debris. This has led the crew to assume that they had run into something far more sinister. While enroute back to Niveq Station for minor repairs, they received word of a runabout who also ran into a similar problem. The Armstrong will assist and continue back to Niveq to report in for repairs.

Bravo Fleet Updates

Canon for Task Force 93!

More updates on the SoK and their goings on coming in the next couple of weeks along with our finalisation of the Task Force Wide Storyline which will be announced soon and is open for any simm in the TF to join in and contribute. Im excited to get it out to everyone and looking forward to take part in a cross simm story.