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USS Ulysses: Prolouge: Into the Malestrom

Venturing Into the Maelstrom: Where Courage Meets the Unknown

Mission Description

The USS Ulysses, under the command of Captain James C. MacLeod, departs Starbase 86 to begin its patrol of the Triangle.

About the Mission

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18 February 2024

Tensions and Revelations

USS Ulysses: Prolouge: Into the Malestrom

The corridors of the Ulysses hummed with the quiet intensity of a ship at rest, a stark contrast to the usual flurry of activity that defined its operations in the vast emptiness of space. Commander Tala Roshan moved through these corridors with purpose, her strides confident yet weary, the product [...]

28 January 2024

Astride the Azure

USS Ulysses: Prolouge: Into the Malestrom

Perched on the periphery of the Azure Nebula within the Beta Quadrant, Starbase Eighty-Six presented an imposing sight against the nebula’s captivating swirls of blue and violet. Serving as the central hub for the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force Eighty-Six, the starbase was a bustling bastion crucial [...]