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Part of USS Mackenzie: Mission 12: Measure by Measure

USS Daedalus: Mission 1 – Measure by Measure

The crew of the Olympic is transferred to a ship with more teeth and more opportunity to support Mackenzie Squadron.

Mission Description

Patra’s games are deeper than anyone expected.  Now, the search is on to keep the hunt off the trail of everyone involved.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

12 February 2024

DMBM 022 – Licence to Kill

USS Daedalus: Mission 1 - Measure by Measure

“Approaching intercept vector…dropping from warp.”  William Prentice was poised at the helm, his safety restraints secured.  He immediately slung the Daedalus 180 degrees; down below, the shuttle bay team jumped into action.  Doc Halsey stood behind the shield with a medical [...]

10 February 2024

DMBM 021 – Live and Let Die

USS Daedalus: Mission 1 - Measure by Measure

“He’s going to survive.” McKee sat in the chair in the sick bay.  She threw the makeshift gloves into an overflowing bin and grumbled about her dirtied clothes.  “Thasta is coming back for us, isn’t he.” Greer did the final checks on the equipment that was monitoring and [...]

9 February 2024

DMBM 020 – Tomorrow Never Dies

USS Daedalus: Mission 1 - Measure by Measure

“Here's the spanner.”  Greer Moore stood above a prone Elizabeth McKee, half in a Jefferies Tube on deck 2 of the station.  They were installing one of the refurbished EPS units.  Hossa had leerily accepted their offer to stay and do the repair work themselves.  He was up [...]

8 February 2024

DMBM 019 – Her Majesty's Secret Service

USS Daedalus: Mission 1 - Measure by Measure

“That is an old station.” Lieutenant Elizabeth McKee stood behind her Chief, Greer Moore.  They had acquired an older civilian shuttle to get aboard the alleged Syndicate-controlled station that Pandora Crawford had recently brought under her control.  Allegedly.  There were many [...]