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Part of USS Valkyrie: Season 1

USS Valkyrie: Episode 1 | The Flames

The Valkyrie must put out the fire to find out who lit the flames.

Mission Description

A system on the edge of Federation space in the galactic south has been in a constant state of war for the better part of two decades. Though not ready to join the Federation, both sides have agreed to allow Starfleet to send in ships filled with relief supplies and equipment to assist the people who need it. The non-aggression pact signed by both sides has led to a cease-fire as well as permitting Starfleet to establish a small station on the edge of their system to assist and monitor the peace treaty. However, the treaty has been broken with the death of not only one of the world’s representatives but also the death of several Starfleet officers. The Valkyrie must now try to put out the flames to ask the question. Who lit the fire in the first place?

About the Mission

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Start Date

10 March 2024

Twice as many stars / Parting Ways

USS Valkyrie: Episode 1 | The Flames

“I don’t know why you brought me here.”, said Eshrevi, drawing her antennae back in an indication of irritation, and, for good measure, raising her brows in a hint of confusion as she regarded Alcyone. Even though she was constantly complaining that Earth’s spring qualified as a hot [...]

5 March 2024

Chapter 2: Welcome Aboard

USS Valkyrie: Episode 1 | The Flames

Gabriel sat in his ready room tapping at the PADD he held. ‘Finally,’ he thought as he sighed heavily, ‘I’ve finally finished these transfer requests.'Just as he began to relax in his seat. “Bridge to Captain Jackson,” a voice spoke through the intercom.Gabriel sighed heavily when he [...]

4 March 2024

Prologue ~ Part 2

USS Valkyrie: Episode 1 | The Flames

As Niala crawled through the jeffries tube her fingers closed around the cold metal of her spanner yet again, a subtle shift in the surroundings caught her attention – the familiar sights of Deck 8. Emerging from the confined space she found herself face to face with Ensign Bennett and [...]

25 February 2024

Arriving in the pickup truck (Part 2)

USS Valkyrie: Episode 1 | The Flames

“Large redleaf tea, please,” Hilea asked the server. Kriana, the ship’s bartender nodded and returned to the bar to prepare Hilea’s tea.  It took her a few minutes to get her records transferred into the computer. Nearly instantly, she had a response as to her assigned quarters. She [...]