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Deep Space 19: Opening The Door

DS-19 welcomes its new First Officer and Chief of Operations on the eve of a diplomatic victory; however, not everyone is happy with the political terms.

Mission Description

Finding their way to DS-19, the Horin family start their new life and new jobs on board Deep Space 19. A chance to restart and do something different instead of living in the Mellstoxx system for the rest of their lives, but as soon as they arrive, they find themselves in what should be a simple diplomatic exchange. Nevertheless, nothing is simple in Starfleet, and the Romulan Free State certainly have other ideas.

About the Mission

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30 March 2024

Opening The Door - 9

Deep Space 19: Opening The Door

“The Klingon Empire has no jurisdiction here, General,” Horin said firmly. “You’re in Federation space, and our alliance agreement forbids the Klingon Defence Force from engaging with an internal matter.” Kurak chuckled deeply at Horin’s words. “You are like a toothless old grishnar [...]

18 March 2024

Opening The Door - 8

Deep Space 19: Opening The Door

Dawn Levy’s exasperated sigh echoed in the compact confines of the co-pilot’s chair. She cradled a steaming mug of coffee in one hand, its warmth a comforting contrast to the frustration she felt. With a tired gesture, she massaged her temples, as if trying to ease the persistent ache [...]

10 March 2024

Opening The Door - 7

Deep Space 19: Opening The Door

As Vice Admiral Jaret stood at the airlock, she appeared confident and composed in her crisp Starfleet uniform. Her posture was upright as she awaited the arrival of the representative of the Romulan Free State. Standing on either side of her, McCord and Harper looked equally focused and alert. The [...]

4 March 2024

Opening The Door - 6

Deep Space 19: Opening The Door

Captain Horin sat on the bridge of the USS Formidable, his Betazoid senses tingling with anticipation as the sleek Defiant-class starship glided through the depths of space. The mission ahead was fraught with uncertainty, yet his resolve remained steadfast. He had to prove to Admiral Jaret that her [...]