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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Ride: Waylaid by Necessary Interdiction

The USS Ride is interrupted from her mission of peaceful exploration by the reactivation of Borg Beacons.

Mission Description

The Borg are relentless. They give no quarter, they offer no peaceful terms, and they insist upon their primary objectives.

With numerous Borg emergency beacons being activated across the galaxy, the crew of the USS Ride must halt their mission of peaceful exploration to deal with the unfolding situation as best they can.

About the Mission

USS Ride
In Progress
Total Stories
Start Date

9 November 2023

5 | Contingency

USS Ride: Waylaid by Necessary Interdiction

With slow, methodical footfalls, Commander Amanda Greystone made her way toward her office on Brunel Station. She’d been up most of the night, talking to her various colleagues in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers scattered across the galaxy, as well as various members of the [...]

8 November 2023

4 | Refusal and Hot Coffee

USS Ride: Waylaid by Necessary Interdiction

“No, sir.”  Admiral Niana Tondro looked up from her PADD at the Ride’s chief helmsman, a young Betazoid man with the telltale dark black eyes and thick dark hair. She sighed deeply, and set the PADD down on her desk, folding her hands and pressing her fingers to her lips.  “Come [...]

7 November 2023

3 | The Sphere

USS Ride: Waylaid by Necessary Interdiction

“Oppressive.”  Lieutenant Commander Ralessa zh’Dar looked up from the her PADD, and shot a confused look at the Ride’s Chief Science Officer. Simon Balboa deLeon was young, and had precious little experience in the field. Captain Holmes had insisted that there wasn’t a need for a [...]

5 November 2023

2 | Unexpected Parallels

USS Ride: Waylaid by Necessary Interdiction

As the swirling effervescence of the transporter beam died out, and her field of view returned to her, Captain Nushif Ejoma immediately noticed that there were no fewer than ten scientists cramped into this relatively small transporter room. She couldn’t think of any reason that she and the [...]