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USS Resolute: Required Compliance

What’s dead doesn’t always stay that way…

Mission Description

When the search for missing ships converges with an unknown threat, the crew of the USS Resolute discover there’s more than one way to fight…

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29 November 2023

9 - Alas…

USS Resolute: Required Compliance

“Bollocks?” Thane whipped his head around at the science officer’s soft exhalation. “What bollocks? No bollocks.”  He was across the room in a few strides, looking down in the direction that Allen was.  “Bollocks.” “Yeah… that’s what I said. Keep up,” Allen replied, [...]

15 November 2023

8 - Stuck in the middle with you

USS Resolute: Required Compliance

The drone’s dispassionate gaze swept over the bridge, then settled on RJ.  “I am Two of…” he paused, frowned, then shook his head. The lights in the implants on the side of his face flickered. “Doctor Two… no… Twelve. I am Two of twelve. Lower your shields and surrender your [...]

7 November 2023

7 - Jokers to the right…

USS Resolute: Required Compliance

The Robert Walton was deader than a dodo. Quinn suppressed the shiver as he and Thane materialized in the middle of the central cargo space of the ship. The still air filled his lungs, but there was nothing living in it, the oppressive silence around them a warning that they were not welcome [...]

5 November 2023

6 - Comm calls and cheekbones

USS Resolute: Required Compliance

“Keep me updated on the away team’s progress,” RJ ordered Ensign Howell as he considered the tangle of ships in front of them. None of them had moved, not so much as an extra light had flickered on.  “Anything new from our ship Ratking?” he asked as Harrow, the Resolute’s second [...]