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Part of Bravo Fleet: We Are the Borg

USS Thyanis: The Toxic Sky

Radiation: It kills silently without prejudice, and like the Borg; all organic life is vulnerable. Resistance Is Futile

Mission Description

Out in the fringes of Federation space, Matsu; a fledgling colony world barely getting by out on the frontier is being poisoned, as a dense radiation field has begun ensnaring the remote star system in its malevolent embrace. Unable to punch a signal through the toxic cloud, in a last-ditch effort the Colonists launch a planetary distress beacon and begin praying for salvation.

Their signal was picked up by a passing freighter and from there, it was relayed to Deep Space 5 and onwards to Starfleet command.

With the delay in Starfleet receiving the message, and there being so very few ships in the region, the USS Thyanis is dispatched to assist. The clock is ticking, as by the time Thyanis is due to arrive, the Radiation levels will be not far from being lethal to organic life. Evacuation appears Inevitable, and deep within the toxic region, lurks a sinister discovery.




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