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Part of Bravo Fleet: Ashes of Deneb

USS Rome: Ashes of Deneb

Provide Support to the War Torn Deneb Sector

Mission Description

Fresh from his command of the Marduk, Sky adjusts to the realities of commanding a larger vessel. Meanwhile, the fires of Deneb are out, leaving its people to pick up the pieces.

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15 October 2023

The Drop Off Pt. 1

USS Rome: Ashes of Deneb

“So, Ensign, that wraps up our appointment for today.  I'll set your next one for next week, then.  Does Friday at 2 work for you?”  The counselor looked at Ensign Lisa Dritria.“Yes, counsellor.”  Ensign Lice “Lisa” Ah left the counselor's chambers and made her way [...]

2 October 2023

Desperate Times

USS Rome: Ashes of Deneb

USS ROME – BRIDGE – FRONTEIR DAY Val’Kyr had been stationed on the bridge when all heck broke loose.  The captain was the first to go, shot down by the two security guards stationed at the back of the bridge.  Rushing over to the nearest door, she ducked into the Captain’s [...]

2 October 2023

Baby Steps

USS Rome: Ashes of Deneb

It only took a few moments for Sky to reemerge on the bridge.  Looking for Lt. Rilota, he motioned for her to meet her in his ready room before sequestering himself again.“Mayweather, you have the conn while I go talk to the captain.” Exxa stood and straightened her uniform.  While [...]

30 September 2023

A Small bit of Trouble

USS Rome: Ashes of Deneb

Sky brought his small box of belongings over to the desk.  At least they'd removed the previous captain's belongings, he thought to himself.  That said, it wasn't like he had much to bring over, his previous ready room being his literal bunk room on the Marduk.On the desk he set down the [...]