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Part of USS Manticore: A new ship, a new crew…

USS Resolute: Musical Ships

The new crew of the Resolute arrive, and Captain RJ Reese-Riggs takes his place in the captain’s chair. Again.

Mission Description

After the events of Frontier day, the USS Resolute welcomes a new captain and new crew, as well as being assigned to the Manticore Squadron.

About the Mission

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26 September 2023

5 - Getting to know you…

USS Resolute: Musical Ships

Like with the rest of his crew, RJ had no idea what to expect when he headed down to engineering to meet his new Chief Engineer. Given Mason’s hand in his crew, he’d half expected another llanarian. He certainly didn’t expect the stunningly beautiful woman standing in the middle of the space, [...]

15 September 2023

4 - Walk and talk

USS Resolute: Musical Ships

RJ walked back onto the bridge and nodded to Thais in the centre chair. “Nope, don’t get up,” he said, motioning for the man to stay seated. “Just passing through.” It was the early part of their patrol. Nothing much was going to happen for the next couple of hours, so he planned to use [...]

10 September 2023

3 - Back in the big chair

USS Resolute: Musical Ships

The big chair was as comfortable as he remembered.  RJ bit back his smile as he sat in the captain’s chair in the middle of the Resolute’s bridge. He’d been here before, of course, but not as a member of the crew, so his time on the bridge had been short, sweet, and didn’t include the [...]

5 September 2023

2 - Not the welcome he was expecting…

USS Resolute: Musical Ships

“Did you see him?”  Thais managed not to flinch at the question. Mads meant well, he knew that, but even though they’d been married a long time, she still didn’t really understand the complexities of llanarian relationships. Or his other marriage.  “Yeah. He didn’t say [...]