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USS Valiant: Rendezvous

The Valiant rendezvous with Starfleet Alpha Twenty-One Battle Group in the Kanaan system. The battlegroup has engaged and lost a battle with Dominion forces. The Valiant is on hand to assist with repairs and those injured as they limp back to the nearest Federation station.

Mission Description

Farpoint Station has received word from Battle Group Alpha Twenty-One. They have reported engaging the enemy while attempting to defend the Kaanan system. Their attempt failed, and what is left of their group is retreating; however, they are heavily damaged and have numerous injured. Therefore, you are ordered to assist them.

Starfleet is keen for the battle group to make it back to the station so they are ready to take part in an upcoming assault. Therefore, it is down to the Valiant to provide them with the help they need so that once they arrive at the station, most of their damaged and injured are dealt with or are close to being back to operational fitness.

About the Mission

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Start Date

9 August 2023


USS Valiant: Rendezvous

Greene stood on the bridge, watching the Percival break apart as her core exploded. His gaze fixed on the viewscreen where the Percival had been just moments ago. The fiery remnants of the ship illuminated the space around it. It all happened so suddenly, the Valiant’s sensors had barely [...]

22 June 2023

Clipped Wings

USS Valiant: Rendezvous

As the away team stepped onto the engineering deck, Lieutenant Palmer took a moment to absorb the sight before her. The Percival’s engine room, once a place of controlled chaos and efficiency, was now a twisted maze of debris and malfunctioning equipment. The team had to navigate carefully [...]

27 May 2023

Fighting Against The Tide

USS Valiant: Rendezvous

Lieutenant Commander Grayson took a deep breath, trying to steady himself. He knew that planning for the deceased was a necessary and somber task, but it was one he had to face. He replied to Captain Wright, his voice steady but filled with empathy, “Understood, Captain. I will coordinate with [...]

22 May 2023

Help has arrived

USS Valiant: Rendezvous

Lieutenant T’Sari nodded, her expression filled with determination. “Aye, Captain. I’ll gather the necessary personnel and equipment for the away team immediately. We’ll be ready to transport over to the USS Defender shortly.” Captain Wright acknowledged her response with a nod.  As [...]