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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Cantabras: The Array

The Dominion has captured the Liakso Array. They are using it to track Starfleet ships and plan attacks on Federation worlds. The Cantabras have been tasked with regaining control or destroying the array.

Mission Description

The Liakso Array telescope, a significant Federation sensor array, has been taken control of by the Dominion. This telescope, positioned within the Arcania Cluster, holds immense importance for the Federation as it enables them to gather crucial information about the surrounding space. The Dominion is exploiting it to track the movements of ships throughout the region. Furthermore, they’re utilizing this data to strategize their attacks on various Federation worlds.

The Federation must retake or destroy the Liakso Array to disrupt the Dominion’s surveillance and prevent its forces from gaining a tactical advantage. The Arcania Cluster, where the array is situated, presents a daunting challenge for pilots. It’s a treacherous expanse characterized by a multitude of unpredictable phenomena that can wreak havoc on navigation systems, posing a constant threat to any pilot attempting to traverse through it. The hazardous conditions within the cluster intensify the difficulty of the mission, demanding utmost skill, precision, and resilience from those seeking to neutralize the Dominion’s hold on the Liakso Array.

About the Mission

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17 June 2023

And So We Ride...

USS Cantabras: The Array

Alex rubbed his eyes as he heard the alert appear on his command console. Things became clearer and it appeared his suspicions were correct. He frowned, it always disheartened him when he was correct about bad things. Why couldn’t he ever be correct about the good things? “You’re [...]

15 June 2023

Epilogue of Disarray

USS Cantabras: The Array

“How are things coming along?” Alex asked, putting a spoonful of food in his mouth. Priam consulted his PADD, “The shields should be done by the end of the day. And that’ll finish all of the needed tasks.” “I’m not much of an engineer, but the sentry guns’ targeting systems are [...]

12 June 2023

After Party Clean-up

USS Cantabras: The Array

A phaser rifle blast rang out throughout the Array, and then silence. “Did we get them all?” Tani asked with a heavy sigh. She blew her hair out of her face in frustration. Priam shouldered his rifle and opened his tricorder. “It looks like it. I’m not detecting any Jem’Hadar life [...]

9 June 2023

Pinned Down

USS Cantabras: The Array

“How long will it take to gain access to the Array?” Tani said, quickly checking over her rifle. Priam’s eyes darted around the console. “I’m not sure, months probably.” “I’d guess you’ve got about,” Tani checked the room displays, “twenty minutes, max.” She shouldered her [...]