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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Akira: {Akira Squadron}: The Brave Few

"We don't stop when were tired, we stop when were done." ~David Goggins

Mission Description

  • Act One –
    • Chapter One: Incoming Message
    • Chapter Two: Decisions – postponed

USS Akira -Vausees Vax and the Quest for the Cosmic Cipher

  • Act One:
    • Chapter One: New Orders

About the Mission

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16 May 2023

Chapter One: Incoming message

USS Akira: {Akira Squadron}: The Brave Few

USS Akira The console near the door provided the only light in the room. In dramatic contrast to the blackness surrounding it, the current time, ‘23:59’, was displayed on it. The time altered in a split second, and a faint chime resonated into the darkness. A woman sat up in her shared bed, [...]