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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Dragon: Abeloth

The Dragon filled the line of Breen intelligence gathering sense arrays to the Deneb sector.

Mission Description

The Dragon followed the line of Breen intelligence gathering sense arrays to the Deneb sector. Upon reaching the sector the crew realized there is more gong in than what the were originally led to believe. The Breen and the Dominion lost fleet our working together, chewing up pieces of federation territory to add to their own. The Dragon is tasked to infiltrate Breen territory and find out how they received the intelligence needed to pull off such a wide spread expansion.

About the Mission

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15 June 2023


USS Dragon: Abeloth

Viameli, set a course for Farpoint station.” “Course laid in, captain” “Let’s get moving then, warp nine. And no rest stops.” “Aye ma’am. No sightseeing, damn I really wanted to see that ball of twine.” “We can always come back.” Aryanna said with a chuckle as she turned [...]

13 June 2023


USS Dragon: Abeloth

The crew of the Dragon had watched as the convoy arrived and then started to make their way toward the planet under impulse. Skagath whistled as the list of ships came up on his console. “Nine Plesh Tral’s. They are certainly making sure that these conveys are watched over. Going to be rough if [...]

12 June 2023


USS Dragon: Abeloth

“Chief, it looks like this one has quite a few pipes and other equipment on the outside.” “Hmmmmm, I think it is safe to say that this is probably the dome that houses the camps infrastructure systems. I wouldn’t think that operations would be in this building.” they approach the outside [...]

7 June 2023


USS Dragon: Abeloth

Captains log: The past 36 hours have been busy to say the least. We have deployed team obsidian to infiltrate Deptrock 6. We have decided on a hybrid plan combining elements of plan A and plan B. I am still not sure what Bravo fleet command was thinking of, sending one ship to conduct this mission, [...]