USS Alita: The Gentleman

In the Triangle, pirates and brigands reign supreme. They are a lawless bunch, led by no single man, each out for their own. They'd be a dangerous force if anyone could unite them... and one man intends to: The Gentleman.

Mission Description

Rumors have been flying around The Triangle for a while of a man, known only as The Gentleman, that has been attempting to garner power and prestige among the pirates and thieves hiding in that dark side of the galaxy. Starfleet Intelligence’s best agents have been unable to find any data on who he is, where he’s from, or what is long term goals are, they just know that he exists. No one admits to having seen him or talking to him, he just exists in shadows and whispers. Some say it’s just a wild goose chase made to throw off SFI… but there’s definitely something going on, and before they know it, the Alita will be walking into the web.

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USS Alita
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7 September 2023

On The Artistry of Sabotage

USS Alita: The Gentleman

If ever there was a misrepresented beast in the menagerie of crime, it is surely sabotage. When most people think of sabotage, they think of explosions and shuttlecraft crashes. They think of the most hamfisted and brutish forms of the craft. They don’t know the subtle nuance, the quiet danger [...]