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Part of Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

USS Hathaway: Episode 16: The Inner Sanctum (The Lost Fleet)

With their Captain injured, Kauhn and crew must contend with instructions for a covert mission and cooperation with the Cardassian 3rd order when they are tasked with liberating the home world of one of their own...

Mission Description

With their Captain fighting for her life aboard the Task Force flagship, there is no rest for the wicked as a new mission falls into the laps of the ever willing Hathaway crew. Having been rather unceremoniously promoted to Captain in the absence of any sort of commanding officer, Captain Kauhn has conducted a reshuffle that pushes several officers out of their comfort zone at a point in time when stability would be greatly appreciated by all. But an opportunity to join forces with ships of the Cardassian Third Order and liberate the home world of one of their own is not to be missed. As always, though, it is never that easy.

Considered almost mythical by the Ungeat people due to the impossible nature of navigating to them, a secret network of open air caves is home to The Sanctum, a covert Starfleet listening post, which, until the invasion, was monitoring Breen relations with the K’zinti. Since the listening post went dark after the initial invasion, Starfleet had been looking for the right time, and right crew, to recapture it. With the liberation of Un’gar a smokescreen, Kauhn and crew would have the unenviable task of retaking The Sanctum and turning its eyes and ears on the Breen and their Dominion allies…

About the Mission

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Start Date

17 June 2023

Decisions To Be Made

USS Hathaway: Episode 16: The Inner Sanctum (The Lost Fleet)

Standing on the upper level of the Starlight Lounge, in the safest if places she could, Hathaway’s Betazoid counsellor watched the young man go back to his ritualistic blessings, sensing sadness, and loneliness, but also some semblance of peace. So much had transpired in the last week. Despite [...]

17 June 2023

Liberation of Un'gar - Day 5

USS Hathaway: Episode 16: The Inner Sanctum (The Lost Fleet)

The recycled air inside the Arrow-class runabout Kaedn was so brittle it could snap, and if it didn’t, there was every chance that Or’uil might. To say that the young Ungeat’s return to his home world of Uviri had been a success was a massive overstatement, especially after what they had [...]

16 June 2023

Liberation of Un'gar - Day 4 (Part II)

USS Hathaway: Episode 16: The Inner Sanctum (The Lost Fleet)

As an epic battle for space superiority raged hundreds of kilometres above, Hathaway used her new systems to support an atmospheric launch of her starfighters. Strafing high above her target, her massive bay doors parted and the twelve starfighters that made up the Hellhounds squadron quickly [...]

13 June 2023

Liberation of Un'gar - Day 4

USS Hathaway: Episode 16: The Inner Sanctum (The Lost Fleet)

Encircled by one of the largest, most dense asteroid belts ever recorded, the Un’gar system was nature at its very best. With a mixture of swirling clouds, beautiful worlds and a bright blue star, it was easy to see why the home of the Ungeat people would be a target for invaders even before [...]