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Part of USS Hathaway: Season 4: Into the Expanse

USS Hathaway: Episode 13: Back in the Habit

An epiphany and a close encounter on Andoria brings Captain Gor to his senses. With a return to Starfleet on the cards, there's only one thing left to do. It's time to get the band back together...

Mission Description

Weeks into his hiatus from Starfleet, a chance encounter with a crewmember of the Sojourner helps Vasoch Gor to reach an epiphany about his future with the fleet. After scheduling a meeting with the Task Force Executive Officer of TF17, Gor must prove his readiness for not only a return to the fleet, but also a return to command.

Upon being appointed to the starship Hathway, a Sagan-class starship in need of a command crew, the Tellarite sends out an S.O.S. to those he knows with a single plea: It’s time to get the band back together…

About the Mission

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26 March 2023

CH2: Reuniting the Fellowship

USS Hathaway: Episode 13: Back in the Habit

Giarvar Kauhn had been hard at work since the arrival of the new captain, reviewing the personnel list Gor had provided and ensuring that his requests were followed to the letter. Nothing about the new captain suggested he would accept deviation or free thinking from his XO… yet. That trust and [...]

25 March 2023

CH1: For the Uniform

USS Hathaway: Episode 13: Back in the Habit

Standing in the centre of the room he had been unceremoniously dumped in, Vasoch Gor couldn’t help but let out a loud sigh as he took in his surroundings. Plush carpet, multiple wall ornaments, Bajoran artefacts. A United Federation of Planets flag. Especially the United Federation of Planets [...]