Part of USS Venture: Season 1: Into the Frontier

USS Venture: Episode 3: Salvage Rights

A shocking turn of events at Starbase 11 sets Venture on a new course, complete with a new command crew, but the ship must first return to an old stomping ground...

Mission Description

A new year brings new challenges for the crew of the starship Venture. Months after the shocking departure of their previous commander, ship and crew remain at Starbase 11 awaiting news of their future under the watchful gaze of acting captain Mason Henry. But all changes with the sudden arrival of a woman with a burgeoning reputation but no social skills, there to take command and restore some pride to proceedings. At the change of command ceremony, an interruption draws the crew into a familiar situation…

…the USS Scarborough has gone missing along the Gorn border.

About the Mission

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Start Date

10 April 2023

Change of Command

USS Venture: Episode 3: Salvage Rights

Standing shoulder to shoulder, Keesa and Meniz marvelled at what they had pulled off in a little under three hours. Decorating the mess facility of a starship was often commonplace, regardless of the occasion, and today was no different. It wasn’t a birthday, a bar mitzvah, a wedding or the [...]

28 March 2023

Your presence is only logical, Commander.

USS Venture: Episode 3: Salvage Rights

“Transporter room one to Commander Henry.” Mason was in the ready room working on the next crew shift rotation schedule for what had seemed like hours. Doing the schedule was always a little tedious, but he did like the opportunity to get to know the crew a little more, even if this position [...]