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USS Akira: Akira Squadron {Boldly Going}

These are the adventures and missions of the USS Akira and USS Wolf officially known as the Akira Squadron.

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  • Accepting Command –

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1 October 2023

USS Akira - Vausees Vax and the Quest for the Cosmic Cipher Ch. 1 New Order's

USS Akira: Akira Squadron {Boldly Going}

Chapter One: New Orders Earth Spacedock A woman stood looking out the wall-sized window. The stress had left this woman’s beautiful raven-black hair disheveled. Her crimson outfit indicated that she worked in some type of command-level department. Anyone could tell that something was bothering [...]

31 March 2023

Accepting Command

USS Akira: Akira Squadron {Boldly Going}

Th’lora, deep in thought over the current ship deployments, was interrupted by her office intercom “Ma’am, Captain Vax, and Commander Bettencourt are here to see you.”“Send them in,” she replied, rising from her chair to straighten her hair and tunic.Vausees and Cody had taken a seat [...]