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USS Atlantia: Into the Cold

Commander Ezra Vreen's new command isn't what she expected, but neither is her mission. An experimental hologram and an alien anomaly are going to make things more interesting than even she is prepared for.

Mission Description

Coming off of a period of enforced desk-work at Starfleet Academy in the wake of her court-marshal, Commander Ezra Vreen finds herself in command of a semi-mothballed retrofit. As she struggles to build a crew she can rely on, she also finds herself in charge of an experimental holographic AI that she’s not entirely certain is field-ready. Worse, deep into their shakedown, an anomaly crops up that could threaten their maiden voyage — and Ezra’s fledgling new command.

About the Mission

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23 January 2023

Friends, Coffee, and the Edge of an Adventure

USS Atlantia: Into the Cold

Commander Ezra Vreen opened the door to her quarters and shot a smile at the tall woman standing there.  Doctor Malady Swank, her blue-shouldered coat shimmery in the bright hallway lighting, raised an eyebrow. “You forget?” Ezrea groaned. Swank just shook her head, a smile creasing the [...]