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USS Resolute: Second Contact

Second Contact

Mission Description

The Resolute heads out into the Thomar Expanse on a second contact mission with the Volar.

About the Mission

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23 March 2023

Ringing the changes...

USS Resolute: Second Contact

“From second contact to border patrol,” Burton commented as he dropped into the seat next to Raan in the centre of the bridge. Around them, the bridge officers went about their business barely glancing at the two senior officers. “Can’t say this job doesn’t ring the changes.” Raan [...]

17 March 2023

Who you gonna call?

USS Resolute: Second Contact

Raan stood on the bridge, arms folded and sipping his coffee as he watched the crew working diligently at their stations. The hum of the Resolute’s engines filled the air, providing a comforting backdrop to the bridge’s activity. It would have been tranquil, just the everyday workings of a [...]

2 March 2023

7 - Instincts and Impressions

USS Resolute: Second Contact

Leif didn’t like transporting. It was the utter bane of his existence and the one fly in the ointment of Starfleet service. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get away from it. Particularly after every single CO he’d had had refused his requests to a) shuttle down to the surface or b) space/halo jump [...]

20 February 2023

6 - First Impressions

USS Resolute: Second Contact

Second contact was always a difficult thing to navigate. It didn’t have the grandeur or excitement of a first contact situation, or the danger, but it was just as, and in some ways more, important.  First contact was all about the unknown. That instant moment of friend or foe, and no one [...]