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Part of USS Endeavour: Wander Forth the Sons

USS Triumph: Wander Forth the Sons

In hot pursuit of pirates and renegades on the Beta Quadrant border, the USS Triumph arrives in the nick of time to stop an attack and save Starfleet lies. But new orders threaten to upturn the status quo. How will this band of heroes face these new responsibilities?

Mission Description

And when night
Darkens the streets, then wander forth the sons
Of Belial, flown with insolence and wine.

– ‘Paradise Lost,’ John Milton

‘Wander Forth the Sons’ is a mission for Endeavour Squadron, and stories occur across the multiple commands and ships. The complete story order, with their associated command, is in the links below:

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

4 January 2023

Wander Forth the Sons - 6

USS Triumph: Wander Forth the Sons

‘Nice flying, Commander.’ It was the fifth time Zihan Shepherd had been stopped on her way down this section to be complimented by a crewmember, and she wasn’t in the slightest sick of it. This petty officer got a high-five as she passed. ‘Team effort, team effort. Which couldn’t have [...]