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USS Hathaway: Season 3: Prometheus Squadron

Vessels of the newly formed Prometheus Squadron are assigned to new deep space exploration and tactical initiatives far beyond Federation space, into the dangerous Typhon Expanse itself...

Mission Description

Consisting of starships assigned to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 17, the newly formed Prometheus Squadron is centered around its flagship, the USS Prometheus, namesake of the Prometheus-class. Under the command of Captain Keziah Nazir, a veteran of recent conflicts, the squadron is tasked with exploration and tactical initiatives beyond the borders of the Federation, and within the Typhon Expanse.

In her inaugural mission, fresh from her recent refit, and with a new Captain at the helm, the Prometheus is dispatched far beyond Federation space to solve the murder of one of Starfleet’s finest. Meanwhile, redemption is on the cards for the relatively young crew who have transferred to the USS Intrepid and seek to move on from the tragedy that has marked the last three months of their lives. Can a mission of exploration under a pair of calming new influences help the crew to move on from the trauma of the past?

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