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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Phaesis: The Prime Directive Quandary

The Phaesis arrives in the Gradlin Belt to pandamonium. After responding to several distress calls, the Phaesis begin’s a survey of a local star system after initially refusing to conduct a planetary survey for reasons of the Prime Directive and the safety of his telepathic crew, Korrath is forced to land.

Mission Description

After responding to several distress calls and being rescued themselves, the Phaesis starts its planned survey of a nearby system, a series of events forces the Phaesis to land on an M Class Planet of a Pre-Warp Civilisation…..

About the Mission

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11 November 2022

The Guardian

USS Phaesis: The Prime Directive Quandary

Cassana stood by the viewing port of the Starfleet Transport ship, along with several others. She had never seen a Guardian Class Starbase before and was keen to see one for the first time. She had been to Starbase 1, several times and the first time she had seen, it had awed her. It was huge, but [...]

4 November 2022

I’m Retired

USS Phaesis: The Prime Directive Quandary

Korrath had taken retirement in 2396, the loss of Lanniefelysa had shaken him hard and he knew that a simple leave of absence wasn’t going to suffice in making him feel better. He had believed, and still did, that the time had been right to step away from the fleet at 45 years old. However, his [...]