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Part of Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

USS Ahwahnee: Stygian Void

After being exposed to Blood Dilithium, Captain Felrak Vordenna begins a journey into the darkest reaches of his mind.

Mission Description

Together with much of the Fourth Fleet, the USS Ahwahnee deploys to the Delta Quadrant’s Gradin Belt to investigate and reduce the impact of Blood Dilithium growth that has swept across the region. Violent anomalies, Hirogen and aggressive Deovore Imperium forces are all deadly threats for the ageing light cruiser. The Ahwahnee is therefore assigned to chart a rogue planet in an area of subspace turbulence not far from Starfleet’s makeshift forward operating base at the Markonian Outpost. As they leap forward into the unknown, Captain Felrak Vordenna must make a journey of discovery within his own mind when the Blood Dilithium’s effects take hold.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

5 May 2023

Phase In

USS Ahwahnee: Stygian Void

The first thing he noticed was a dull, steady ping. The blood-red planet that had filled his mind relinquished its hold. The girl, the face that looked up at him, thin and hollow cheeked, faded back and away. He felt pierced by a needle of sadness. Her mournful eyes merged with the black of space [...]

1 November 2022

Bleeding World

USS Ahwahnee: Stygian Void

The entire experience was most perplexing. I sat still. A hard surface beneath me felt like the familiar cool metal of the Ahwahnee. It merged with my surroundings. White; intangible. I could almost feel the colourless phosphorescence against my jagged skin. My fingers ran the length of my [...]