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USS Sovereign: Humanitarian Efforts

These are the voyages of five Starfleet Officers using everything at their disposal to try and help a colony become self-sustainable.

Mission Description

Commanded by Acting Executive Officer of the USS Verity, Commander Arthur Graves will lead a team of four other officers to independent Romulan worlds in dire need of help. The task will be difficult as the main goal is to help colonies become self-sufficient and self-sustainable without the need for anyone else. This could would include, but not limited to: Converting military buildings into processing plants for supplies they need or could trade with other colonies; or convert to hydroponics for growing their own food. Self defense against hostile fauna and creatures, or against marauders and pirates. Repairing cargo vessels to help establish trade routes. If colony has defenses of any kind, help repair and restore these defenses. The goal is not to arm or give them any Federation technology or give them any reason that they must join the Federation for protection, but to give them the ability to be fully independent and able to count on the Federation when they call for help. If they choose to join the Federation or other factions, that their choice by right.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date
End Date

23 September 2022

M1C1-5925 Svati

USS Sovereign: Humanitarian Efforts

Guest Characters: Captain Henry Maxwell, Task Force Commanding Officer, Commanding Officer of the Verity, and Lieutenant Akira Rowe, Chief Operations Officer of the Verity. Captain Henry Maxwell stood at the large viewport and stared out into space at a particular ship in dry dock. The [...]