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USS Heracles (Archive): Boldly Going

These are the adventures of the USS Heracles. An Argonaut Class starship from the Federation. These are the stories about her Captain and her Crew.

Mission Description

  1. It Finally Happens –  After the orders from Starfleet to aid in the coupe that was led by the Remans, and some Romulans in the Velorum sector and more specifically the Proteus System; the USS Heracles and her crew have been ordered to return to the SOL sector and Earth for repairs and refits. This gives time for the crew to recuperate from their last mission. While on the much-needed R&R; Vausees and Debrah finally tie the knot in Debrah’s hometown of Boulder Colorado.

About the Mission

Total Stories
Start Date

1 March 2023

New Orders - Part Two

USS Heracles (Archive): Boldly Going

‘It has been several days… almost a week,’ Vausees thought as she looked at the main viewscreen at the passing space before them. This route was always the longest one for her as she sat there in the command chair, hoping that something would happen to kill the long stretch of boredom; she [...]

27 February 2023

New Orders - Part One

USS Heracles (Archive): Boldly Going

Captain’s Log: Stardate: 74880.73. It’s been several months since the Delta Quadrant incident, and my crew and I are still mentally and physically scarred. Though most of us have moved on, I’m afraid my closest friend and brother have witnessed the worst of it. Trever hasn’t been himself [...]

21 October 2022

It Finally Happens - Chapter Two

USS Heracles (Archive): Boldly Going

Calling in a FavorVausees sat in the homestead's living room. A holographic projector in front of her was making an outgoing call. It abruptly changed to a woman in a command uniform."What can I do for you, Captain Vax?" the woman asked as she looked at Vausees from the projector“Captain Vehl. [...]

8 September 2022

It Finally Happens - Chapter One

USS Heracles (Archive): Boldly Going

Homestead Vausees stood with her arms around her chest, the chill of the dusk air seeping into her skin. She leaned against an oak pillar on the porch of Debrah's homestead, the Fergouson Ranch. The Fergouson Ranch, located deep in the valley that leads to Boulder, Colorado, was 440 acres in [...]