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Part of USS Hathaway: Season 1: The Santa Fe Chronicles

USS Hathaway: Episode 6: A Path Well Travelled

A merging of two crews sees the Temeraire undergo seismic changes, with a new commander and a new mission beyond the borders of the Federation...

Mission Description

After an inquiry into the disastrous testing of the MARS stealth system aboard the Inquiry-class starship Thesis, Starfleet Command relieves the the captain of her command, opting to merge the crew with that of their aging counterpart, the USS Santa Fe. Whilst undergoing an overhaul, the ship has all traces of the controversial system removed, and is recommissioned with a new name and a new commanding officer. Redesignated as the USS Temeraire, pronounced Tem-uh-rare, the ship’s technological advancements and experienced personnel make her a perfect candidate for a new mission.

Captain Tharia sh’Elas must unite the two crews and settle any animosity among the backdrop of what is an unexpected trip to the Romulan border. A visit from Commodore Uzoma Ekwueme, the commander of the Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group, presents sh’Elas with both orders, and a warning: something is stirring across the border…

About the Mission

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8 May 2022

Loyalty. Trust. Success.

USS Hathaway: Episode 6: A Path Well Travelled

In the intervening time since the conclusion of the inquest and Admiral Hawthorne’s decision to grant her command of the Inquiry-class starship sat in the starbase’s internal docking arena, Tharia sh’Elas had made her way around the Temeraire and was now in the safety of her new crew [...]

7 May 2022

An Interesting New Dynamic

USS Hathaway: Episode 6: A Path Well Travelled

“Tem-uh-rare. It’s pronounced Tem-uh-rare.” Standing behind the desk in the compact ready room that had quickly been made available to her, Captain Tharia sh’Elas used both her ears and her antennae to ensure she got the pronunciation right of her ship’s new name. “She’s named after [...]

18 April 2022

Leaving Fate to the Inquiry

USS Hathaway: Episode 6: A Path Well Travelled

Wardroom Three on Starbase Two-One-One had been in use for most of the last week as the inquest into the events involving the starship Thesis took place. The station had been a hive of activity with starships from far and wide stopping by as senior officers from across the sector and from [...]