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USS Sovereign: Hollowed Planet

Sovereign had dropped out of warp and has to figure out why. And then this planet appeared and they're suddenly in orbit. What else, they find out that the planet is hollow inside and there is a way in...

Mission Description

The Sovereign is ordered to report to the Federation-Cardassian Border to conduct diplomatic operations, as well as possible relief efforts and other humanitarian aide to worlds that request it. While en route, the Sovereign suddenly drops out of warp and the crew has no clue as to why. They do discover that they are completely unable to establish a warp field. All of the sudden a planet appeared out of no where and the Sovereign is now in standard orbit. They will soon discover that the planet is hollow and there is a way inside. Unable to leave orbit and go to warp, the Sovereign has no choice but to send several teams through the opening and find out what is going on and why they are stuck there.

Little did they know, the three teams that are sent, will be undergoing some sort of trial. Solving Puzzles, running through mazes and trying desperately to survive. Worst of all…absolutely none of their equipment works. No phaser pistols, no tricorders and no communicators. This isn’t the end of a beginning already, is it?

(Mission Terminated; Sovereign Story Arc has been Reset)

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21 May 2022

Chapter Two

USS Sovereign: Hollowed Planet

“You cannot be serious.” Sucil stood there with her arms folded over her chest. She stared down at Captain Maxwell after she had requested a meeting with him a moment ago to go over her new assignment. “I am very serious, Counselor.” Maxwell said, as he signed off on reports. “But he [...]

25 March 2022

Chapter One

USS Sovereign: Hollowed Planet

The area of space around the Devron Fleet Yards was buzzing with activity as small crafts darted around. Most of them were going to and from the Unity Class Starbase, their destinations or departures would be from the vessels secured in dry docks undergoing either repairs, refits, retrofits, [...]

19 March 2022


USS Sovereign: Hollowed Planet

The Beginning Of Part One – The Sovereign PROLOGUE On a planet located in the neutral space between the three powers of the Federation, Romulans and Klingons; located in the corner of the large complex is one of the most busy locations. Inside the building was a massive crowd surrounding a [...]