USS Cygnus: Outbreak

A minor outbreak of Thelusian Flu aboard the USS Cygnus becomes a perfect storm of technical glitches and missteps

Mission Description

Fresh from the attempted First Contact of The Commonwealth, the USS Cygnus is tapped again to make First Contact with a new space-faring race, calling themselves the ‘Antiocians.’ En route, a minor outbreak of the Thelusian Flu keeps the Medical staff busy. During the reception on the planet, the Antiocians begin getting sick. Within a day, it has spread over the whole planet, including the Away Team. The Antiocians believe this is biological and viral warfare, and threaten to sensure the Federation, impound the Cygnus and hold the crew of the ship as war criminals if the situation devolves. The Medical Staff must find out what happened, how it happened and how to keep the population of the planet, and the officers on the planet, alive.

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