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USS Nebula (Archive): New Beginnings

The USS Nebula's Captain Harris Hill reports for to duty. As a young Captain arrives aboard, will an experienced crew accept him as their leader?

Mission Description

Captain Harris Hill is an up and coming officer. He’s been recognized for this leadership throughout his service record and now Starfleet has decided to promote him to his first Captaincy. While the USS Nebula has witnessed the Dominion War, the Borg invasion, and the supernova of the Romulan Star, the morale of the Nebula has been steadily declining.

Starfleet’s reinvigorated mission to explore strange new worlds is the perfect opportunity for a turn around aboard the Nebula so that it is once again worthy of the classes’ namesake. But how will the ships’ crew respond to a young, ambitious new Commanding Officer? Will Captain Hill’s leadership style mesh with a senior staff that has served on the same vessel for decades?

About the Mission

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17 January 2022

Captain Hill Takes Command

USS Nebula (Archive): New Beginnings

“Have you seen the new captain yet?” Ensign Robert Grant asked his colleague, seated at the operations station next to him. “Not yet. The Captain just beamed aboard this morning. It’ll be some time before he makes his way to the lower decks.” Lieutenant JG Howard [...]