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USS Horizon: Episode 2 – Chance Connection

Captain Treylana Hess assumes command of the USS Horizon when the USS Atlantia is put in for a refit. While the crew is taking in some much needed R&R sparks are kindled between a new and current crewmember.

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11 December 2021

Dress Shopping

USS Horizon: Episode 2 - Chance Connection

It was eleven-hundred hours. Atlantia had been docked for a little more than an hour. When Xenie heard the captain’s address that shore leave had been granted she wasted no time. She hadn’t seen her parents in over three years due to her deep space assignment. With haste, she opened up a [...]

9 October 2021

A New Ship

USS Horizon: Episode 2 - Chance Connection

As the blue and white marbled sphere grew larger on the viewscreen, Atlantia slowed to sub-light speed. It was not Treylana’s plan to be returning to Earth so soon, but her recent mission in the Delta Quadrant had taken its toll on the ship, and she was in need of some desperate repairs. If [...]