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USS Crazy Horse (Archive): Argent Dawn

Sometimes myth becomes reality...

Mission Description

The USS Crazy Horse, on a routine excavation mission, Captain Aoife McKenzie and Commander Nicholas Halstead stumble upon a peculiar artifact on a remote, uncharted planet. The artifact emits an otherworldly energy that defies explanation, captivating the entire crew.

As the crew investigates the artifact, a sudden surge of energy engulfs Captain McKenzie and Commander Halstead, transporting them to a mysterious and ancient world known as Avalon. To their astonishment, they find themselves in a realm steeped in legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

In this enigmatic world, the duo encounters peculiar inhabitants with ties to Arthurian lore, including the wise Merlin, and valiant knights who have guarded Avalon for centuries. It becomes evident that the artifact has a deep connection to the legends of King Arthur, and its discovery has awakened the long-dormant magic of Avalon.

Captain McKenzie and Commander Halstead are quickly embroiled in the conflicts and intrigues of Avalon. They learn that the once-thriving realm has fallen into a state of decay, and its magical balance has been disrupted. The villainous sorceress Morgana, Arthur’s half-sister, seeks to claim the artifact’s power to subjugate Avalon and the entire universe.

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2 February 2023

Chapter 8

USS Crazy Horse (Archive): Argent Dawn

The sun was breaking over the horizon, turning the sky red to grey to black in the early dawn hours.  Aoife was slumped over her horse with her cloak drawn around her against the chill.  She wasn’t asleep, but she wasn’t fully awake either.  She yearned for a warm fire, tea in [...]

5 January 2023

Chapter 7

USS Crazy Horse (Archive): Argent Dawn

Aoife sat by the fire sewing a pair of trousers for Nick.  Nick sat at the dining table with his newest creation from the forge.  With long strokes, Nick slid the edge of the two-handed sword along the sharpening stone. Setting down her sewing, Aoife added another log to the fire, walked [...]

26 October 2022

Chapter 6

USS Crazy Horse (Archive): Argent Dawn

This is a continuation from USS Feuos: An Exchange of Science  It was a beautiful day in Avalon as Aoife McKenzie walked down the street of the village she found herself in.  In her plain tan and brown homespun dress she completely blended into the local populous after being stuck there [...]

16 July 2022

Chapter 5

USS Crazy Horse (Archive): Argent Dawn

Nicholas wiped the sweat from his brow, his ears still ringing from the recent striking to hammer to steel.  It was winter now, but inside the cramped blacksmith shop with the forge roaring it was still too warm.   Picking up a horseshoe blank with a pair of tongs Nicholas stuffed it onto [...]