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USS Heracles: Archanis Operation

USS Heracles is ordered to the Federation-Klingon border in response to a rogue Klingon faction known as “The Hunters of D’Ghor”.

Mission Description

USS Heracles is ordered to the Federation-Klingon border in response to a rogue Klingon faction known as “The Hunters of D’Ghor”. USS Heracles responds to a distress beacon on Archanis V, where the local populous was bombarded by a D’Ghor fleet from orbit. While on the surface the USS Heracles is assaulted by a smaller fleet, three Birds-of-Prey, of D’Ghor ships, one of which is commanded by a Captain who called herself Klothost K’gox, and the ship was called Khoshtom. The assault on the Heracles forces the ship to flee to Deep Space K-7 while the ship’s Captain, Vausees Vax, and an away team led by her are stranded on the surface. This places Lieutenant Commander Trever Nief in command of the Heracles and makes him the Acting Captain.

During the time that Vausees and the away team are stranded, they find the survivors from the colony, led by a woman named Sara. Later the away team and the survivors are assaulted by a D’Ghor ground force that has transported to the surface, while the away team and the survivors are held up in a building. Vausees and the away team, support Sara and the remaining survivors by fighting the D’Ghor from the rooftop. Vausees and Zyvia headed down to the second floor of the building. While defending the second floor from the D’Ghor a lone Klingon announced himself to be the Commander of the ground forces and a Captain for the Hunters of D’Ghor, named Atsak Runtoh of house Runtoh. The Klingon Captain gives Vausees an ultimatum to leave without further assault from the D’Ghor ground forces. Vausees declines, and a short time later the Klingon Captain is transported off the planet after Vausees warned him, with a phaser rifle bolt into the ground at his feet. A short time later the ruined city came under bombardment from the D’Ghor fleet that was in high orbit above Archanis V. During the bombardment both Captain Vausees Vax and Commander Trance Nief were injured. Unfortunately Commander Trance Nief succumbed to her injury and passed away. This caused Vausees to grief when she found out, which also angered her. She challenged the rogue Klingon Commander’s honor which caused the man to transport himself and two attack units to the surface of Archanis V. While on the surface Vausees and the remainder of the survivors and the away team fought off the attack units until Atsak shown himself.

During this time Acting Captain Trever Nief had the USS Heracles repaired, rearmed, and refitted with Valkyrie fighters. He took the Heracles back to Archanis V and assaulted the D’Ghor fleet that was in orbit, disabling all but one vessel as it fled.

Captain Vax informed Atsak of this information and forced the D’Ghor commander to surrender. Atsak accepted his defeat. He was taken into custody by Commander Zazzuit after Captain Vax collapsed from her injury. She was emergency transported to Sickbay, where she is currently stable. The colonist of Archanis V were informed that Forth Fleet would be in touch from time to time to ensure that no further attack would occur.

The USS Heracles was ordered to return home, Earth.

About the Mission

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Start Date

19 July 2021

USS Heracles (NCC-80555)

USS Heracles: Archanis Operation

Stardate: Quadrant: Alpha Mission: Archanis Operations Time : 13:42   On every bridge, in every briefing room, the initial data package was the same: a holo-recording of Rear Admiral Alexander Beckett, straight-backed in his red uniform, impassive of countenance. If the grimness of the matter [...]