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USS Heracles: USS Heracles ===Departure===

A departure from an old life into a new one

Mission Description

This chapter is broken down into several parts;

  1. Departure
    1. Vausees departs from her last post on the Mithrar Anchorage in the Delta Quadrant. Mostly about her packing up her personal belonging, and boards a craft that is heading for an awaiting ship.
  2. Shuttle Ride
    1. Vausees’ ride to the awaiting ship. She wants to be left alone since in her mind she thinks that she is somehow in trouble. While on board, she meets a man who she also thinks is in trouble, only to find out the complete opposite.
  3. U.S.S Paladin
    1. Once onboard she is greeted by the ship’s Commanding Officer, Captain Lance.
  4. Gym
    1. Workout in the ships gym and a minor confrontation with the Captain.
  5. Mess Hall – Week later
    1. Vausees and Lance speak to one another in the Mess Hall.
  6. Captain’s Ready Room
    1. Vausees makes her first request
  7. SOL-Earth Spacedock
    1. Vausees runs into an old friend and is approached by someone Starfleet Command who has orders for them.
  8. San Francisco – Downtown Apartment
    1. Vausees has memories of the past and makes the decision to move on
  9. Riviera Country Club
    1. Reunites with some Academy buddies.
    2. Good times with equally good friend’s
  10. Station McKinley – Observation room
    1. Orders for a son
  11. Starfleet HQ – Orders
    1. Vausees is promoted to Captain and given her own ship


USS Heracles NCC-80555

Vausees and her crew meet and greet. A brief discussion about their first mission on the USS Heracles.

About the Mission

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Start Date
End Date

19 July 2021

USS Heracles (NCC-80555)

USS Heracles: USS Heracles ===Departure===

===Departure===   Vausees looked up and out of the window to her quarters. It had been only a couple of months since she had received her orders to the Mithrar Anchorage her new home, or so she thought, and now here she was finding out that she was being recalled back to earth. As a crewman [...]