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USS Savannah: The tools we are given

With a first-time captain and a crew barely out of the Academy, the USS Savannah (NCC-57297) is reactivated from the mothball fleet and mobilized to patrol the former DMZ.

Mission Description

The shadow of the calamitous events that accompanied Frontier Day hangs heavily upon a Federation much weakened by the attack by the Borg Collective. All along the former Demilitarized Zone, old enemies seek to ignite new enmities and with the decimation of their finest, Starfleet is hard pressed to respond to the threat posed by the True Way and a resurgent New Marquis.

And these are not the only Galactic players with an interest in exploiting the Federation at its weakest.

Lieutenant Commander Samantha Hyland is no stranger to loss and when she is placed in Brevet – Command of the USS Savannah, Sam is tasked with assembling a mostly green and inexperienced crew and restoring the aging New Orleans class frigate, from the Mothballed fleet – reserve, to active duty.

Join the new crew of an old – ship as they come together to strive to realize the Motto of the USS Savannah “Mens Agitat Molem” (Mind over Matter) and come together in an attempt to hold an already-crumbling line.

About the Mission

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13 June 2024

Putting - out

USS Savannah: The tools we are given

“Why so Blue?” Ensign Ithariar Sh’eshikrar looked up from where she had been listlessly pushing her meal from one side of the plate to the other, as her mind was lost in troubled thoughts. She did not acknowledge her friend’s joke. Standing in front of her beaming, tray in hand, was her [...]

11 June 2024

The Cook-off

USS Savannah: The tools we are given

All in all, the dinner had gone well.  Taking a leaf out of her former CO’s playbook, Samantha Hyland had hosted a private dinner in her quarters – a tradition that some ship’s captains liked to maintain the night before a ship embarked on its maiden voyage. ~ Calling this old girl a [...]

10 June 2024

Piping the Side

USS Savannah: The tools we are given

“I don’t want to be here.” “Oh, stop being such a wet blanket, it’s your turn!” “Wet…. Blanket?”   “It’s a human phrase…. just forget about it.” “Very well, but I still don’t want to be here. Why are we here?”  “Because it’s fun, okay?” “It is [...]

5 June 2024

Brevet Encounters

USS Savannah: The tools we are given

Once more her feet ate the deck. The pounding rhythm of her footfalls resonating through her bones, her taut muscles alternating between vigorous flexion and extension as they propelled her upon her determined course, her chambers of her heart pounding loud in her ears and her skin – slicked with [...]