USS Fearless: Fearless Legacy

The overhauled Excelsior Class Vessel departs Space dock for a shakedown cruise.

Mission Description

After significant refit and overhaul to convert the original Excelsior to Excelsior II class specifications, the crew of the USS Fearless is reunited.  Captain Langston takes a stroll down memory lane noting his own evolution and refit as years of captaincy has shaped the leader he is today.

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8 June 2024

Reunited, Still Divided

USS Fearless: Fearless Legacy

It had been sometime since recreation had taken place away from duty onboard the USS Fearless.  There was the occasional holodeck trip, celebratory banquets, rare weddings, and even brief shore leave trips; none of which allowed authentic detachment from the role of Captain.  All except [...]