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USS Ascension: Shadows Keep Changing

Aboard a many-decades-old starship on a mission of diplomacy and scientific exchange, USS Ascension abruptly finds herself in the crossfire between the Klingons and the Romulan Republic!

Mission Description

The USS Ascension was partway through a refit to disarm the Ambassador-class cruiser for service in the Starfleet Auxiliary when Frontier Day happened.  After the shocking loss of numerous starships to the Borg’s revenge plans, Ascension was further refit and re-entered Starfleet service as an emissary.  Put under the command of Captain Elbon Jakkelb, Ascension was assigned a mission of diplomacy through scientific exchange.  Designed towards the height of Starfleet luxury, this emissary serves as a venue for academic conferences between Starfleet, the Federation’s allies, and tentative acquaintances too.

In an effort to build bridges with the Romulan Republic, Ascension is hosting a conference with the Formal Academy at D’cl’vangram Four.  However, before the conference can begin, Captain Elbon is going to be forced to make choices far more difficult than canapes or vol au vents!



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25 March 2024

Shadows Keep Changing - 1

USS Ascension: Shadows Keep Changing

“You don’t always notice social cues, do you?” Elbon asked her.  The curl to one side of his lips suggested the question was in jest.  Not only was he looking right at her, he jabbed in her direction with a strip of dried asnor, using the dehydrated fish snack as a pointer. From [...]