USS Helios: Letters from the Zone

As tensions rise in the Former Demilitarized Zone, Helios' intelligence teams gather a vast number of transmissions. Though not tactically useful, some of these signals offer a glimpse behind the conflict.

Mission Description

These stories reflect the lives of those involved in and those affected by, the ongoing conflict between the True Way and the New Maquis. They are set against the backdrop of the political stalemate between the Cardassian Union and the United Federation of Planets in the Former Demilitarized Zone following the events of ‘The Shape of Things to Come“.


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USS Helios
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21 March 2024

Beneath the Isca Blossoms

USS Helios: Letters from the Zone

Record 2521 – Intercepted out of Innaka II a few days after the attack by New Maquis. Agents Note: I couldn’t quite bring myself to delete it, even if it is propaganda; I’ll leave it here until I have a better idea.  It was spring when I last saw my love, white Isca blossoms caught in [...]