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Yes, TF99 Has Another New Sim!

February 26, 2017

Let me take a moment to welcome another new sim to Task Force 99 and the Exploratory Division, the USS Delphinus, a Constellation Class ship.

Everyone already knows her CO, the one and only greenfelt22 so we know the sim is in great hands and will be a big hit.

“Set in 2293, the USS Delphinus, freshly returned to the Klingon/Federation border with an inexperienced crew, responds to a distress call just outside the neutral zone. The call is found to originate from a Federation colony ship that laid roots on the planet shortly before the Four Years War. The Delphinus arrives to find the planet is succumbing to a strong ionization force, making life difficult on the planet surface.

As the storm is studied and decisions loom on what to do with the colony, the ionization reveals a long secret Klingon listening post on the opposite hemisphere. Though long removed from the drums of war, the lives of this small group of Klingons have become just as intertwined with the Federation Colonists, leaving the first real test of the Khitomer Accords in the hands of a crew unfamiliar with each other.”

Welcome to TF99!