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Who Ya Gonna Call?

December 31, 2017

Every ship has an engineering team, but they are generally qualified to repair and enhance the ship they serve on. Sometimes there’s a job that not even Scotty can handle. When that day comes, who will you call?

Hazard Team 14, that is!

This Team, codenamed Valkyries, is a member of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. They are deployed to handle planetary evacuations, building, support in war efforts or simply repair duties that are required to be done by Starfleet. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Kathryn Waltz (BlackWolf), Team 14 is assigned to Starbase 72. While it is stationed there, they answer both to the Starbase Command staff and SCE. The USS Earhart, an Argo Class Shuttle, is assigned to this team for deployment.

Another uniqueness to the Valkyries is that it will be a hybrid sim, playing one Discord session a week and will use Nova to keep things going for backstories and such.

Welcome to 72!