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We Are the Borg: Week 4 Fiction Update

November 29, 2023

At the start of Phase 3, we entered the final act of this Fleet Action. It’s time for stories to reach their apex, for all threads to come together, for thunderous crescendos. But how have we gotten to this point? The Intelligence Office brings you what you missed from Week 4 of We Are the Borg…

Week 4

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

USS Constellation

Constellation’s away team has been stranded on the planet of sentient plants after a Borg cube scooped up a great chunk of the planet’s landscape. With their isolation suits damaged, the away team searched for a lost phaser that risks further developmental contamination. A sentient fungai kidnapped two members of the away team to demand retribution to the damage that was done to their ecosystem.

Endeavour Squadron

Commodore Rourke reviews the challenges of the wreckage of the Borg Cube scattered across the Midgard Sector, and finds he has his hands more than full trying to keep this potential disaster controlled. As his ships face off against the Romulan Republic and the Orion Syndicate, as they try to uncover the secrets of the Borg and what befell the Cube, the crew of Endeavour find a new clue. Contacted by a pirate with whom Lieutenant Lindgren had formed a fledgling connection, they send an away team for a meeting. There, the pirate reveals the location of the Syndicate’s illicit laboratory, where they strip down Borg technology to resell it. But can the away team get there before the next big shipment is sold? Can they take down an Orion Syndicate facility themselves? And can they even trust this source?

USS Odyssey

The Odyssey’s final attempt to disable the shield generator around the Borg transwarp hub is successfull. Commander Gray, in a bold move to help the away teams, connects with the Borg Collective via a drone that appears to be in control. After bypassing so many barriers, he eventually finds out what happened to these Borg after Voyager’s neurolytic pathogen infected the Collective. With the other drone’s help, Gray is able to make the hub vulnerable, and Odyssey comes back to hit the hub with the final blow. After distracting the nearby Borg Probe, the Odyssey unleashes its high fire power. The Hub is finally destroyed just as the Malon fleet enters the nebula.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

Having split into two teams aboard CR-718, Silver Team’s most senior members approach the station’s shuttlebay with the intent of attempting to use a shuttle’s comms to get a message out to Atlantis. But even here the Borg drone aboard the station attempts to rally a defence, first exposing the bay to the vacuum of space, then martiallying the station’s repair drones against Lt Mitchell and Commander Gantzmann. Ultimately futile, the two officers manage to take the bay and get a message to Atlantis, updating them on the situation aboard the station and getting some replicator plans for decidedly less-sophisticated weaponry.

USS Century

While conducting routine patrols along the Federation/Romulan Republic border, the USS Century intercepts reports that lead the crew to believe a possible Borg vessel is in the area. After a week of fruitless searching, the crew is ready to abandon the search only for a distress call to come through confirming that there is indeed a Borg Scout that had gone mostly unnoticed. The Century arrives in the area of the sighting just in time to encounter and pursue the ship as it departs the system. The vessel stops just along the border long enough to raid a derelict communications relay station before heading toward the Velorum Nebula, forcing the Century to halt its pursuit just inside Romulan Republic space.

Polaris Squadron

With Commander Lee and Dr. Brooks stranded aboard a decommissioned salvage depot that has become corrupted by Borg subroutines, the junior officers of the USS Ingenuity negotiate with the colonists of Beta Serpentis III that have taken Fleet Admiral Reyes and her diplomatic delegation hostage. Initially, the crew settles on a strategy of appeasement to avoid any further loss of life, but once Commander Lee and Dr. Brooks reestablish contact, they devise a plan with their crew to get their people back. As a security team heads for the surface and succeeds in freeing Fleet Admiral Reyes and her team, Commander Lee and Dr. Brooks continue their investigation aboard the salvage depot and make a startling discovery. The hunt is now on to find a Borg vinculum that appears to be influencing the colonists of Beta Serpentis III.

Task Force 72

USS Daedalus

The crew continue trying to secure the sphere Exodus, and hopefully save the lives of the Unimatrix Zero survivors. Unfortunately the cracks are beginning to show as secrets begin to come to light. Dangerous Borg remnants and a hidden store of sleeping Borg drones begin to cast suspicion on the survivors whilst Maine discovers the reported damage to their transwarp drive is non existent. When Captain Tanek attempts to clear the air a terrible secret is revealed. The Borg remnant have adapted. They need no Queen.

USS Seattle

After regaining power and continuing on their chase, luring the Borg Cube away from Federation space, the USS Seattle finally found a world (moon actually) where they could set down the Borg transponders. Deciding to take them aboard the shuttle craft Sound Garden the First Officer and Captain argued about who would be leading the mission, with the CO deciding that he would.The Borg arrived quickly, and the shuttle was trapped on the moon’s surface, while the Seattle hid in a radiation field, which created the physiological sensation of being drunk. Eventually the Borg departed, allowing the shuttle to return to the ship with all aboard, ending the mission. Now begins the long trek home.

Task Force 86

USS Lafayette

The USS Lafayette arrived at Devol Outpost and began the tedious process of disassembling and destroying the massive hunk of Borg Cube that the Outpost had acquired. 36 hours into the process, a Borg Sphere appeared in the system and began threatening the planet. Realizing that the Candera system was in danger if they didn’t lure the Borg away, Commodore Cromwell had the remaining part of the Cube beamed aboard the Lafayette and ran away at high warp in the hopes of saving the system. Now, with the Sphere in pursuit, all the have to do is figure out how to save themselves.

USS Tokyo

The away team got barely out of the situation, but not without some sacrifice as one team member died and the Captain was severely injured. The Tokyo crew manage to get themselves safely, only to hear that their journey is not yet over. Now the Tokyo has to get the pathogen active and field test it at a real Borg ship!

Task Force 93

USS Triumph

With the away team split up the investigation continues Llaxia’s group begins to ask around having no luck as people didn’t want to talk. They learn about a known associate of Kodrak’s that owns a business nearby. Sashara at firsts denies knowing anything until she learns that Riheela is back and seems to be more open to talking. Though she tries to lie she ends up telling them what they want to know. Tilana learns that an middle-aged Orion woman who is an xB and survivor of the Artifact is running the auction. Tilana catches the attention of Baela who requests there presence. Tilana was granted to see the Borg merchandise only to find that xBs were being held captive. After meeting with Baela the group goes back to their hotel to talk strategy and to have Chon’al contact the Triumph to begin to head to Freecloud as this will be more than they can take down themselves.