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We Are the Borg: Week 1 Fiction Update

November 7, 2023

The games have begun! The first week of the We Are the Borg Fleet Action is over, and it’s off to a rollicking start. There’s so much that anyone would be struggling to keep up with it. As such, the Intel Office releases weekly updates summarising the stories that have come out, quick recaps provided by the members themselves so we all know the Story So Far!

I apologise for the tardiness of this first one – technical problems plagued its release. There will be reminders for the weekly form, where writers submit those recaps, and going forward I’m sure we’ll be elbow-deep in the vast range of adventures. There’s still bucketloads to get through in this first week.

So, without further ado, the adventures of the Fourth Fleet as they dive into the mysteries of the Borg…

Week 1

Bravo Fleet Senior Staff

USS Constellation

While exploring the current state of the Borg Collective in the Delta Quadrant, USS Constellation discovered a planet that evolved without any apparent interference by the Borg. Despite their proximity to Borg space, the sentient plant-life showed no indication of devastation or assimilation, except for a single Borg homing device. A Constellation away team searched the planet for the device, but did so in secret, to avoid revealing themselves to the pre-warp society.

Endeavour Squadron

A Borg transwarp conduit collapses, destroying a Cube and scattering its remains across the Midgard Sector. As competing factions race to seize its bounty, Endeavour Squadron is charged with discovering what happened to the Cube, and making sure Borg technology does not fall into the wrong hands on this dangerous frontier. The USS Endeavour is dispatched on a different purpose: to investigate the wreckage and uncover the Cube’s original mission. But after an away team are almost assimilated on a Borg derelict, the crew of Endeavour realise they are up against an enemy, even wounded, unlike anything they’ve ever faced before…

Odyssey Squadron

The Odyssey has been engaged in exploratory assignments in the Swallow Nebula of the Delta Quadrant, however one of her engineers has received a nightmarish signal. Commander Reuben Gray, an exB, has received a Borg homing signal. After locating its origins from a nearby nebula, Fleet Captain McCallister orders the ship to investigate. However, the echoes of the Collective continue to torment Gray.

Task Force 17

USS Babylon

A week away from the nearest backup, the Babylon picks up a Borg distress beacon emanating from deep within the cave system of an uninhabited planet. Unable to beam directly to the origin point, they’ll have to send an away team through the perilous underground terrain to find the source of the beacon while the rest of the crew tries to solve the mystery of the ruined structure on the planet’s surface.

USS Paramount

The Paramount has been dispatched to find the truth of reports and rumors about a Borg Cube’s destruction near Chaotic Space. They have been sent to Markonian Outpost to investigate this issue further. Their mission: to prevent more Borg from come to the sector, and to find out what happened to cube.

Task Force 47

USS Atlantis

After a short break from their previous mission, Atlantis is tasked with responding to a request for assistance from subapace relay station CR-718, which has been experiencing persistent technical issues for a week now. A brand new exchange officer from the Romulan Republic is also aboard ship, assuming the XO duties, so it’s a good mission for everyone to work into their new working relationships. Arriving at CR-718, the situation has gone from minor technical issues to something more severe and so Hazard Team Silver is dispatched aboard station. Their arrival however triggers a security lockdown aboard the station, one of such power that ship and away team are isolated from each other and leaving both sides wondering just who is at fault for their situation.

USS Cardiff

The USS Cardiff is en route to the Tofalu system, investigating Borg beacons in an independent black market area. The unique gifts of several aboard will be an asset in infiltrating the the black market.

Lakota Squadron

A Borg threat has emerged in the distant Ziyafa sector, and a Starfleet ship, the USS Marlowe, is reported missing. Lakota Squadron, new and untested as a unit, is dispatched to locate the missing vessel, unaware of the true nature of the ship’s disappearance. When access is granted to Marlowe’s initial mission logs, it becomes clear that scientific discovery is not her captain’s only focus. Lakota is soon forced to go the rest of the way on her own when Buran is diverted to investigate a possible Borg sighting along the Gorn border, and Osiris is dispatched to answer a distress call from another Starfleet vessel. When Lakota arrives in the Ziyafa sector less than twenty-four hours later, the disappearance of the Marlowe becomes the least of her worries…

Polaris Squadron

While investigating a Borg homing beacon that appeared and then vanished within the graveyard of Wolf 359, Polaris Squadron picks up a distress call from Beta Serpentis III. The message states: “The voice of the Collective, it grows louder with each passing day. The grip of the Collective, it tightens with each passing day. The day of our downfall, it is almost upon us. The Borg are coming.” However, it then cuts off abruptly, and when Polaris Squadron calls the colony back, the colony’s administrator denies that they sent such a message. With no Borg activity on long range sensors, squadron leadership concludes there is not likely an imminent Borg threat, but the USS Ingenuity is sent to the Beta Serpentis system to look into the matter further. Things are made more complicated by the complex history the Federation has with the backwater system.

USS Ride

The Ride has picked up a nearby Borg homing signal, and is moving to investigate.

Task Force 72

USS Daedalus

Following instructions from fleet headquarters, Daedalus has travelled across the quadrant to the Talvath Cluster to investigate an intermittent Borg signal. After a frustratingly unsuccessful initial search, the crew are caught unawares by a severely damaged Borg Sphere. Floating inactive and with structural integrity failing Theta Squad has been dispatched to investigate. Back aboard Daedalus, Chief Science Officer Rana has been experiencing a very different Sphere, as whispers of Unimatrix Zero creep into her thoughts.

USS Mackenzie

The USS Mackenzie is thrown back in the Delta Quadrant to investigate a Borg Sphere. Investigations with a planet that saw the Sphere suggest the Borg are looking for something specific. A sudden distress call takes them away to a transport group that was attacked by the Borg. A survivor is found and the layers of the mystery begin to unsettle everyone. They are called to another planet with another near miss. The mystery remains unsolved and the Borg Sphere is out there, somewhere.

USS Seattle

The USS Seattle was directed to a shuttered black market dealer that had been collecting and selling Borg technology. No longer active the crew began to catalogue the carnage, and collect evidence. However while they were still searing through the remaining materials a number of Borg transponders turned on. Now active the transponders began to give off a signal that alerted the Borg attacking a Cube. Under order from Deep Space 17, the crew gathered up the transponders and are taking them far away from Federation space, in hope of keeping the Borg Cube away from any inhabited planets. Unfortunately their lead on the Cube had been cut down due to damage to their engines while pushing the ship for longer than recommended at warp nine-point-nine. On their way again the USS Seattle is looking to dispose out the transponders and avoid direct confrontation with the Borg.

Task Force 86

USS Lafayette

The USS Lafayette is en route to Canderus Prime to retrieve a piece of Borg Technology from Devol Outpost, a Federation research and development lab. The crew is dealing with the fall out of Frontier Day in the face of a new Borg threat, and Commodore Cromwell is struggling with his own past with the assimilating fiends. If all goes as planned, this will be a milk run… but things seldom go as planned.

USS Tokyo

While performing their duties in the Deneb region, the Tokyo is pulled back from the region to perform a vital retrieval mission. However, the crew faces its dilemma as they have to enter a dangerous area full of disconnected Borg that got hit by the neurolytic pathogen, making them unpredictable. The crew prepares themselves at Starbase 38 before the gate to Delta Quadrant opens up.

Task Force 93

USS Resolute

With a new captain and new crew aboard, the USS Resolute heads to investigate ship disappearances linked to a particular (and usually uneventful) system. Upon arrival, they find an unusual convergence of ships tangled together, a dead science ship on the edge of the system, and a Borg signal. Dispatching a shuttle with an away team to the science ship, the Resolute remains in position to investigate the tangled ships.

USS Triumph

Captain Tilana of the USS Triumph receives orders that the Triumph is being sent to Freecloud to go undercover to stop a secret auction that will be taking place. Commodore Dex is sending two of the Saratoga’s senior staff along with them for this mission. Commander Ritru contacts Commander Torath of the IRW Aldore and he agrees to assist them on there mission. The Triumph departs Starbase 93 and heads towards the old Romulan Neutral Zone between Starbase 93 and Gateway Station to meet up with the Aldore.