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Updates from the Battlelines First Edition

June 1, 2018

Welcome to the first edition of “Updates from the Battlelines” a summary of actions and news updates from the front lines of the battle against Faith and the actions of Trinity President Carain’s personal force tasked with keeping the peace, saving lives and making the galaxy a better place to live for everyone.

First a special update from the Federation Senatorial Assembly building on Mars. The Capital Police have managed to secure the area and return the Senate to rightful control. The terrorist attack on the building was conducted by sympathizers within a faction of the government which was hoping to overthrow the President; we will provide more on this story as it becomes available.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the galaxy the Trinity Operations Unit is working hard to save lives and bring peace to the Federation. After successfully recovering Alister IV from hostile Faith Forces and returning the planet to control of the local government Trinity helped to negotiate an alliance with the Manticorian Systems Alliance (MSA) and build a bridge between the Kiru World Alliance (KWA) and the Federation. As an olive branch the MSA and KWA assigned personnel to Trinity and much needed support in the way of ships. Trinity is now working with the KWA to resolve disputes in their territory and further improve relations between them and the Federation.

In other news the space faring organisms known simply as the Swarm by Planetary Security Personnel have moved their attacks from Kepler Colony after nearly wiping out its population. Federation officials have yet to comment on the outbreak of the Swarm or its intent; planets in the region have declared a State of Emergency and are preparing to evacuate their citizens to a safer location.

Lastly on this edition of “Updates from the Battlelines” did you know that Special Armor Division pilots are trained out of academies that are similar to that of a normal high school. The systems used are far different from that of the Core Worlds but on the fringe of known space survival is of the highest importance and so the compulsory training program was designed to give kids a fighting chance at survival.