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Trouble on the Horizon for Deep Space 14?

January 19, 2016

Roberta Landis reporting, this just came in from Deeps Space 14 in Task Force 93.

The USS Indefatigable has finally arrived at Deep Space 14. It made the journey so slowly that, at times, it seemed like it would never arrive. Accompanying its arrival was that of a fleet bearing thousands of Romulan refugees. Following the tragic Hobus Incident, these unfortunate souls were packed off to Deep Space 12, on the far side of Federation space.

Not that there was much to look forward to. DS14 is an abandoned Romulan Ch’Haven Class base in the Xantos system, located near Ge’tura. One look at the station shows why they abandoned it. Few systems are functioning and those that are, often malfunction. Reports of the troubles encountered when Deep Space 9 was first occupied pale in comparison to the problems encountered here. Even the sonic showers fail to operate properly most of the time as I can attest from personal experience.

The station is under the command of Captain Richard Sharpe. He has an undistinguished record, being a communications specialist rather than following the command stream. It must therefore be questioned whether he is capable of bringing together the various elements that make up this gods forsaken outpost.

The station orbits the planet Xantos which was subjected to heavy bombardment by the Romulans in order to quell a rebellion by indigenous occupants. The condition of the planet gives little hope of a better life for the refugees.

Lord Loras, a prominent Romulan official currently on the station, had this to say on the situation: “In an act intended to keep this world from the Xanthians, someone found it necessary to poison this world.”

He went on to assert that, “….no records exist…one way or another” to show that the Romulan Star Navy rendered the planet uninhabitable.

Loras did concede there was “talk of oppression against the natives” though he refused to either confirm or deny such. He did, however, offer the hope that he could “use (his) experiences, and those of (his) people, to help the Xanthians in rebuilding their society.”

Such a positive aspiration is to be welcomed. We hope that it can overcome the tardy efforts of Starfleet so far.

Well it seems that there is a lot going on with Deep Space 14 and Task Force 93, So that’s all we have at this time so please stay tuned for more news as it gets reported.